Thursday, March 5, 2009

# 8. Exercise everyday

Years ago people did manual work for a living, walked to get water, worked in fields and washed clothes by hand. Now we turn on the tap for water, go to the supermarket for food (or get it home delivered) and have machines to wash our clothes. We sit at desks to work and more and more children are driven to school rather than walking. Add to that the growing popularity of computer games, DVD's and home delivery food and no wonder we are a population that is growing in size.

It is important to plan exercise into your daily routine and to make it a normal part of your child's life.

For you:
  • Find a gym with a creche and hit the weights or the treadmill a couple of times a week.
  • Got a running pram? Head to a park (with a smooth road especially if they are young) and do a few laps - if you live in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney Centennial Park is a favorite location of mine.
  • If you don't have a running pram take a brisk walk to the park, find some grass, park the pram and do a few interval runs over a distance of about 50m - if you are with a friend you could take it in turns while one of you stays with your babies.
  • Find a friend and do a baby swap - you go for an hour, they go for an hour.
  • Come and join our Body Beyond Baby group training sessions - we have nannies that will look after your little one while you train close by. Click here for more information.
For your child:
  • Take them to the park - when they are young it is as simple as that, they will love to be outdoors and it will be all you can do to keep up with them for a while!
  • As they get older play games with them; a ball game or Frisbee in the park of on the beach - not only will they get some exercise but you will too.
  • Walk them to school if its close or drive them a block or two away and get them to walk the rest - use the excuse that its too busy around the school to park closer if you need to.
  • Make a family walk part of your weekend.
  • Limit TV time and encourage them to get outside where possible.
  • Do fun activities like swimming, bike riding and roller skating.
The lists are endless - just make it fun and do it everyday from a very young age.

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