Sunday, February 15, 2009

#5. Think outside of the box

Literally! So much of our diet these days comes out of packets, out of cardboard boxes and plastic wrappers. Processed foods often contain excess sugar, fat and salt. Substances that many of us have way too much of in our diet. Especially important for children, the foods you feed them today will shape their tastes and preferences for tomorrow, so its up to you to give them the best possible start.

Eat as much fresh, unprocessed foods as you can. When you head to the supermarket try to do the majority of your shopping from around the edges rather than down the isles. Think fresh fruit and veg, meats and fish. Only head down the isles if you really have to and learn to read the labels of all packaged food and compare product before piling the trolley high.

Play naming games with your kids - see how many vegetables they can point out and teach them the names of less common produce. Its amazing how many children (and even adults) struggle to put a name to certain veggies. Have fun and you might even discover a few new vegetables for yourself. Enjoy!

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