Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A post from Bec

Finally, I’m back in the world of the living and internet able. My net connection was down for a few weeks and I also had a bub that was sick and then waking up every hour for the last two months!! I am now pleased to say he sleeps 12 hours a night and I am feeling like a human being again.

It’s now three weeks until the wedding and I am starting to get nervous about it all going smoothly. What I am not nervous about is how I will look and feel on the day. So far I’ve lost five kilos and I am so pleased with how my dress looks! That’s not to say I’m ready to give up yet – I’m still aiming to loose another three kilos. I know this might be difficult but I think it is better to aim high and see how it goes.

To give my body the last little kick it needs I’ve increased the amount of exercise I’m doing (now six times a week) and pushing myself that little bit harder every day. I’m also keeping a food diary and trying to stick to lean proteins and plenty of fruit and veggies. I keep reminding myself that three weeks of hard work will be well worth it considering wedding photos are forever!

Hopefully, I’ll be updating you regularly from now on with good news, but right now I’m off to the beach to take advantage of this beautiful day.

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