Thursday, October 28, 2010

Todays workout and NOsugarVEMBER

I had a great workout today with Troy - I always walk away with a bright red face after having worked really hard.  You always work harder when you are training with someone or someone is training you - highly recommended.  Here's a quick action snap shot and then I'll get into the real fun stuff for today.


Who is in for NOsugarVEMBER ???

This is something that Troy has been doing with his Fittabodies clients for over a year now (check the Fitta bodies blog here) , they get some awesome results and after reading on his blog that they are preparing to start again I thought it would be great to get a Body Beyond Baby team involved.  You will be surprised how much sugar you consume on a daily basis (in various forms) and by eliminating it from your diet, along with a good exercise routine leave yourself open to gaining some fantastic results just in time for summer and before Christmas rolls around.  So, rules, borrowed from Troy's  blog they are as follows:
Starting on the 1st of November for 1 full month, we will rid our diets of sugar.

This means;

No alcohol

No cakes, chocolates, pastries, ice creams, soft drink

No Fruit juices, boost juices, smoothies, milk shakes

No white potato

No sugar in tea or coffee

No sweetened yogurt

No dried fruit

2 – 3 pieces of fruit per day only

2 slices of wholegrain bread per day maximum

1 cup of cooked pasta per serve a maximum of two times per week

You are all going to lose some weight in this month, but the main aim of this 30 days without sugar is to show you how much sugar you normally consume and to hopefully curb your sugar cravings.

By the end of this month, you will have developed habits that will see you;

Drink tea and coffee without sugar

Only drink alcohol once or a maximum of twice per week

Only eat sweets once or a maximum of twice per week

Learn that meals should be made up of large amounts of non root vegetables

Treat pasta or rice as a accompaniment to a meal, not the main part of the meal

Never drink soft drinks

Avoid boost and other blended drinks

Learn that dried fruit is not a health food

Choose lower sugar yogurts
So who’s in?

Please put your name down in the comments section and we can kick the sugar as team 'Body Beyond Baby'

If you break your sugar free promise, you must log your indiscretion on the blog and perform 5 burpees. If you happen to break the rules again, you must log your indiscretion and double the burpees. For each indiscretion, you must double the burpees. Just think, 5 times and you will be up to 80 burpees on the 5th occasion!

And be honest! You signed up to this, nobody forced you! You need some sort of guidelines to keep you on track!

and to make it more interesting we will be going up against the Fitta bodies team so the losing team (as in the team that has the most amount of people cave in) will have to perform all of their burpees all over again - or something equally as mean.....Troy and I will nut that one out and get back to you.

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Bridget said...

I'm in Jen! I need to shed a few kilos before a crazy December with lots of friends visiting from OS and of course all the christmas festivities (where I'll probably pile it all back on!). Might have to sneak in a few cakes this weekend before the challenge starts on Monday :)

Jen Dugard said...

Great to have you on board Bridget - I recon we will all enjoy a last minute treat before Monday! Here's to the results and feeling great :)

Follow Your LR Dream said...

I'm in too :)

Jen Dugard said...

Woohoo the takers are growing, I'm excited! Good to have you join us too 'Follow your LR dream'. One more day till kick off

Unknown said...

I'll give it a go Jen, though may be doing a few burpies after Layla's 5th b'day party next weekend!

BTW I would dispute your claim that dried fruit is not a health food.

While many of their calories do come from sugars they are on the whole very low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium, also great sources of dietary fibre and potassium, also vitamin A.

While I would concede that they should be enjoyed in moderation, I would argue that they are a definitely a healthy treat, esp when combined with nuts and seeds.

But not during November of course :)

Jen Dugard said...

Hey Annie - dried fruit, healthier treat yes.... but they are much higher in sugar than their fresh counterparts and lower in Vitamin A- though higher in fiber....

I would much rather see people and my children eating dried fruit over processed sugar (though fresh fruit is better) but as you say for the purpose of NOsugarVEMBER dried fruit is a high source of sugar and therefore not allowed.

I think it is a similar argument to organic in that many people think that if it says organic it must be healthy, yet organic sugar is still sugar. And surely if it is (dried) fruit then it must be healthy - in moderation yes, but as humans we often take these things to extremes.

Great to have you and your hubby on board :)

Jen Dugard said...

To Follow your LR Dream - are you part of our Face Book group? We will be tracking progress and supporting each other throughout NOsugarVEMBER there..... please join us

Bec B said...

I'm in too. I'll let u know now there will be burpees after my sisters engagement party!

Liz said...

I am in too. I have finally lost another kilo. Yeah I still can't walk Jen after the stair run. Lots of streching. I am doing the 10km run out Homebush next Sunday so dam I won't be able to do stairs!!!!!

Alison P said...

Count me in - though with Zara being sick the last few days I havent been off to a great start. Why do we neglect ourselves when our babies are sick? Mainly OJ as I decided to raid the fridge at RPA paediatric emergency yesterday whilst waiting around....cant believe juice is marketed as healthy. Plus it's my birthday this month so may just do the burpies in advance! A