Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Royal Hospital for Women Foundation

I have just arrived home from a meeting with Penelope Hess who is CEO of the Royal Hospital for Women Foundation. From the moment I arrived at the hospital, retracing the steps I took as a pregnant women experiencing labour, about to deliver her first child. The steps, or shuffles, many women have taken before me and many more will do in the future, I felt something special but sad all at the same time. As I walked down the corridor past the delivery suite I saw from the window a helicopter preparing for flight and hospital trolley with a humidicrib on board no doubt the home to a beautiful baby, some one's baby son or daughter that, already, at such a young age is fighting for their survival.

Now, I don't have a tragic story of loss and I haven't fought the battle of my life to have my son with me today. I have a happy and healthy almost one year old. But when I hear these stories of the tragedy and challenges some people have overcome and had to endure it becomes so apparent how precious life is and how quickly this seemingly perfect situation can change. It tears my heart out to imagine tiny tiny babies fighting for their lives, parents unable to do anything to help when as a parent that is all you want to do for your child.

Penelope told me some wonderful stories of the ways in which the Foundation has helped save the lives of little babies that otherwise probably wouldn't have been so lucky. And to know that those children are now healthy and thriving is such a wonderful feeling. I honestly spent the majority of my 60 minutes with her with a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. You can read about the work the RHWF do in their newsletters by clicking here

I want to help these babies and I would love your support. Whether you would like to join me on race day and be part of our team, offer sponsorship to help us reach our fund raising target or raise awareness in your own way your contributions will be most appreciated.

Click here to head to my sponsorship page or you can contact me at bodybeyondbaby@fineformfitness.com.au

I look forward to hearing from you

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Body Composition one year on

Hey all,

I have just returned from a trip to see Jarrod at body composition to get a 'one year' update on what is going on on the inside.

For comparison I though I would give you results from September 2007 (pre-pregnancy), September 2008 (post-pregnancy) and now, July 2009 (one year on). Here goes:

September 07 (pre-pregnancy)

Body Fat 20.2%
Total Body weight 53.9kg
Fat mass 10.9kg
Lean Body Mass 40.6kg

September 08 (post-pregnancy)

Body Fat 27.2%
Total body weight 58.6kg
Fat mass 15.9kg
Lean Body Mass 40.4kg

July 09 (NOW - one year on)

Body Fat 21.3%
Total body weight 55.5kg
Fat mass 11.8kg
Lean Body Mass 41.3kg

You might look at that and say, well she's not back to her original pre-baby weight and you would be correct BUT if you look closely, and this is where we need to talk about body composition and not just body 'weight'. You will see that with the correct diet and exercise I now have an extra kilo of muscle than I did before I fell pregnant with Marley, this would therefore make it difficult for me to reach that original 53.9kg without becoming extremely lean or losing muscle.

I am carrying 1% and 1kg of body fat more than I would like so from here my goal weight will be around 54.5kg with a body fat percentage of 20. Hopefully with my goal to run the half marathon and the increase in cardiovascular activity it might just be the kick I need to get there. I will however need to watch my protein intake and given that I am going to have to drop a weights session in the gym to accommodate the extra cardio I may lose a little muscle.

I will be back with a post marathon body composition so we can check it out and see what the change in training does to my body - stay tuned.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Body Beyond Baby is running to save a baby in the Sydney Running Festival

I have always wanted to run a half marathon. The crazy thought crossed my mind pretty much this time last year when I was preparing to give birth to my son (who is gong to be one on Friday - how time flies) . I came to my senses mind you, given the run was eight weeks after his birth it probably wouldn't have been the wisest move.

Now, one year on and I AM running the half marathon. So far it has been a challenge to fit in even a couple of runs each week. I decided to drop one of my weights sessions in the gym from now until the 20th of September (race day) in order to accustom my body to enjoying longer runs. It will be interesting to see what my body composition does with a change in training. I will be visiting Jarrod this week in order to find out what I am looking like on the inside one year after giving birth to my son and I will visit him again on completion on the half marathon.

By running in the Sydney Running Festival, myself, and the Body Beyond Baby team will be aiming to reach our target by raising much needed funds for the Royal Hospital for Women Foundation. A cause which, as parents, is very close to our hearts. The majority of us have beautiful, healthy, thriving babies but life is precious and all of that can change in a heart beat and some babies are born with or even battle critical illness even before birth.

The Foundation do the unbelievable, they fight to save the lives of babies and give them the chance to enjoy what we often take for granted.

I am very much looking forward to doing everything that I can to raise money - see you on race day!