Thursday, April 19, 2012

Caroline - Find Your Summer Body Week 8

So, my final blog.  Where to start? The final week of training was fun.  The fitness testing during those sessions proved just how far I’d come, although doing the oval run three times was painful (I had a make-up session so ended up with a bonus run).  The frustrating thing was my time only got slower but how I loved to watch some of you ladies fly.  Wow.

Friday we were under the extra pressured of looking good as well as training hard.  The chap with the video camera was there and that certainly made me think – think about my technique, think about not coming last, think about how I looked in my over-sized gym outfit (yep, I’ve shrunk out of my kit, yipeee)!!  I’ve not yet seen the footage and I don’t think I want to.  Maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

The fitness testing on Saturday wasn’t as bad as it was that first time...ohhhh the memory of that turns my tummy.  Yes, I pushed myself as hard as I could as I wanted my results to reflect how hard I’d tried.  On reflection, I was disappointed with how I did.  Surely I could have tried harder but maybe it's just the nature of those tests... you keep going til you fail.

I did surprise myself that I got up to do the stairs on Sunday.  The results were in and this was to be my 5th session of the week but I wanted to put in a strong finish and get on film again (this time hauling my butt up the steps in the blistering heat... please note the sarcasm!!!).  I smashed my previous time, then went for a coffee.  The coffee I had been looking forward to for 8 weeks. Yum.

So after an epic 8 weeks, the challenge was over and we were all sitting tight waiting for the results.  I was so proud when Jen called my name as the overall winner at the challenge party.  I knew my body had changed shape and I knew my strength had improved so I had achieved what I set out to do. Wining the challenge was the cherry on the cake, not that I would ever eat cake.... hehe

Our Body Beyond Baby - Find Your Summer Body R2 winner is.....

The Body Beyond Baby
Find Your Summer Body 2012 winner is:
Caroline Easter

Caroline lost a total of 6.7kg over period of her second 8 Week Challenge (10.8kg in total after starting her first challenge a few weeks later than everyone else and having Christmas in the middle!), she also lost a total of 31.6cm's from her body including 9.1cm's from her waist and 9.5mm from her abdominal skin fold.  Caroline also won our most improved push-ups category by improving from four push-ups on her toes to 17.

Caroline's commitment and determination have been fantastic, to do two challenges back to back and not to waiver off track has been fantastic.  For those of you that haven't followed Caroline's journey so far you can check out her ups and downs right here on the Body Beyond Baby blog
Stay tuned this week for the rest of our fantastic Find Your Summer Body - 8 Week Challenge Round 2 results and achievements.
Caroline picks up a fantastic prize of a day-in-the-life photo shoot by Rachel Kara photography - I can't wait to see the end result!

Find Your Summer Body 2012 - Hall of Fame

A special congratulations goes out to the following mums who, through their hard work and dedication have found themselves in our second Body Beyond Baby - Find Your Summer Body - 8 Week Challenge Hall of Fame.

The great thing about round two is that we had so many of our Round 1 mums come back for a second go - they re-committed and continued to gain fantastic results.  This just goes to show that by making a lifestyle change and adopting habits that you can take with you for the rest of your life you can achieve the body you desire in a safe, effective and long term way - exactly what we are looking for at Body Beyond Baby.

Overall winner

Caroline Easter, mum of one

With a total weight loss of 6.7kg, 9.1cm from around her waist, 9.5mm of abdominal fat and a push ups  improvement from being able to do 4 push ups on her toes at the start of the challenge to 17 at the end of just 8 week.  Congratulations Caroline!

Since Round one of our challenge Caroline has lost

Caroline wins a Lifestyle photography shoot valued at over $900 from Rachel Kara Photography

Biggest Body Fat % loss

Cath Hill, mum of two

Cath put in a fantastic effort and lost a total of 5.6% Body Fat and is looking fantastic - well done Cath!

Cath wins a champagne afternoon tea for two at The Observatory Hotel

Most total cm's lost

Angela Walsh, mum of one
After a massive effort in round one and commitment and consistency throughout round two Angela has lost a total of 53.4cm's from her various measurements.

Since round one of our challenge Angela has lost over 13kg's, 21mm of bodyfat from her abdominal, 21cm from her waist and 32cm's from her hips.

Angela wins a mobile massage voucher from Eastern Suburbs Mobile Massage
Contact number 0411 628811 (no website available)

Most Improved Push-ups Test

Caroline Easter, mum of 1

Caroline started off at the beginning of her 8 week challenge only being able to complete 4 push up on her toes - by the end of week 8 she could do 17 - awesome improvement!

Caroline wins a $100 voucher for The Athletes Foot, Bondi Junction

Best Push-ups (person who could complete the most push-ups to failure)

Tina Brodie, mum of one

Tina did an amazing job of completing 26 push-ups on her toes

Tina wins a Churrasco dinner voucher for two

Most Improved Prone Hold

Kelly Sarezki, mum of two

Kelly started her 8 week challenge with a prone hold of 34" on her toes and finished up with a time of 1'12" - great improvement.

Kelly wins an Event Cinema Gold Class ticket for two

Best Prone Hold

Cori Weintraub, mum of two 

Cori held her prone hold for a MASSIVE 4'12"!!! This is a great example of what you can achieve if you take the time to re-build from the inside out after having a baby. 

Cori also takes out the joint title of Fastest Cardio Test completing it in just 3'30"

Cori wins a $150 voucher from Lorna Jane

Most Improved Stamina - Beep Test

Michele McQuillan, mum of one

At week one Michele's best test was 2.5 and by week 8 she achieved 4.3 -a great improvement Michele well done!

Michele wins a $100 voucher from The Athletes Foot, Bondi Junction

Most Improved Oval Run

Bianka Malecka, mum of two

Bianka knocked a HUGE 1'01" off her timed oval run going from 5'26" down to 4'25", well done Bianka

Bianka wins a Hamper valued at over $100 from Inspired Wellbeing

Fastest Oval run

Carli Maher, mum of one and Abigail Boss, mum of two

These speedy mums recorded impressive times of just 3'41" for their run - we will be racing them off against each other very soon! 

Carli and Abigail win 2 cinema passes for Event Cinemas and a beautiful candle each from Heidisoy

Fasted Beep Test

Davina Hobbs, mum of two

Davina recorded a fantastic beep test of 9.1which is an improvement from the 7.5 she started on

Davina wins a gift bag valued at $100 from Priceline

Sunday Steps

We also celebrated those mums who regularly turned up early on a Sunday morning for their extra cardio session at Coogee steps and awarded one mum each week with Most Improved from the week prior.

Week 2 - Kelly Sarezki

Week 3 -Tina Brodie

Week 4 - Sarah Caroll

Week 5 -Kerry Farris

Week 6 -Bat-Ami

Week 7 -Rebeka Savetta

Week 8 -Caroline Easter

Fastest and most steps (for 7 laps) - Lorely Aponte

All of these ladies win a Pronto Pram Cleaning Services voucher (with pick up and delivery)

A BIG thank you to all of our sponsors (listed above and links provided). To be associated with these great businesses that all offer ways of looking after and making mums life easier is fantastic and your support is much appreciated.

Well, our second ever Find Your Summer Body - 8 Week Challenge is over, winter is approaching and we are all heading into the cooler months feeling fit and looking fantastic.  The great news is that we will be making sure we see you through winter with our first ever Winter 12 Week Challenge.  Kicking off on the 12st May we will be keeping you moving through the cooler months, giving you fantastic winter recipes, ensuring you stay accountable and making sure you come out from under your jeans and jumpers looking amazing come next summer! 

To make sure you stay winter wonderful click here to register your interest and we will  get in contact with you as soon as our winter challenge is ready for enrollments - limited spots will apply.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Carrot, Lime & Almond Soup - by BBB Trainer Amy Adamson

With winter approaching having a great soup recipe up your sleeve never goes amiss - this one is particularly great as it includes almonds to give you some good fats too.

1 tblsp Grape seed Oil
1 leek, chopped
1 stick celery, chopped
½ tsp nutmeg
450g carrots, chopped
1.5L vegetable stock
25g ground almonds
1 tbsp tamari
2 tbsp lime juice
Salt and pepper
Greek yoghurt to serve

•    Heat grape seed oil in a large saucepan over low to med heat
•    Add leek, celery and nutmeg.  Cook until slightly browned
•    Add carrots and stock and cook until carrots are tender
•    Add ground almonds
•    Blend using a handheld stick blender until smooth
•    Add tamari, lime juice, salt and pepper
•    Serve with Greek yoghurt

A note about Grapeseed Oil:
Grape seed oil has a moderately high smoke point therefore is more ideal than several other cooking oils for high temperature cooking and can be safely used to cook at moderate temperatures during stir-frying or sautéing. (Source: Wikipedia)

The best way to keep your waistline this winter

As the air gets cooler and the nights close in earlier, our summer clothing and bikinis find their way to the back of our drawers for another year how many of you start to relax about your body?  We pull on jeans, T-shirts, jumpers and boots and all of a sudden the stress about revealing ourselves in short, unforgiving clothing begins to fade away.  Combine this with the stodgier meals, comfort foods and hot chocolates (with marshmallows!!) that somehow creep into our lives around this time and we have a sure fire recipe for a crash diet come next summer.
I often talk about commitment and consistency being the key to achieving your goals and with the onset of the cooler months it is these rules that I couldn't stress more.  Yearly yo yo weight gain and weight loss is not good for your body or mind, ultimately you will mess up your metabolism and the stress of wanting to lose weight fast every year tales it's toll too.  So what am I saying?  The key to achieving your best body NEXT summer is what you choose to do THIS winter and my advice would be that the best thing to choose to do this winter is exactly what you have been doing all summer (assuming you have been on the straight and narrow, making positive nutrition and exercise decisions and changes that you should be able to maintain for the long term - if you fall into the 'need to make a change now' category now is the perfect time to get a head start on your 2012 summer body).

Yes the mornings are colder, yes when its rainy is now cold AND rainy, yes it get darker earlier but I promise you that YES there are people who manage too maintain their exercise and nutrition routine throughout the winter months.  Let's make that you!  

 5 things to make sure you keep that winter waistline in check 
  • Invest in new clothes and a second pair of runners - if you only have shorts and singlets in your training wardrobe it's no wonder that you won't feel like heading out on a cold wet morning BUT if you purchase some warm clothing and wet weather gear you will be a whole lot more likely to stick to the plan.  And your second pair of runners?..... for when the first ones are drying from training and running outdoors in the wet.
  • Make a commitment and become accountable- whether you decide to join a gym to stay warm and dry, join a training group or make a regular commitment to train with a friend it doesn't matter.  What does matter is that you make the commitment both to yourself and become accountable to someone else
  • Take a start of winter fitness test and assessment - if you don't know where you are starting from how you will you know where you are going to and if you get off track?  Even if in 8 weeks time looking back at these measurements gives you a great big kick up the bum to get it together they will have been worth doing. 
  • Try on your summer clothes in winter - keep a pair of summer shorts and your bikini in your wardrobe and put it on at regular intervals as part of your fitness testing.
  • Remember that is not JUST about your body image but also about what is happening on the inside - if you spend the next 5-6 months on a less than ideal diet, moving and exercising less weight gain isn't the only negative change that will take place. 
Nurture your body from the inside out this winter, make positive choices and stay on the track you have taken so much time and effort to set up through summer.

We are excited to announce that we are busy building our first ever Winter 12 Week Challenge to see you through these tougher winter months.  So if you need an extra kick, accountability, expert knowledge, a fantastic group of women to train with and of course amazing prizes for our winners please email me to register your interest and we will contact you as soon as we are taking enrollments.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Introducing Pronto Pram

Who's car seat or pram doesn't need cleaning?  I know mine are in desperate need and I certainly don't have the time or energy to attack it myself!  Enter Celine from Pronto Pram and her fantastic pram and car seat cleaning business.  Given she joins us on a Sunday to run Coogee steps with us what better fit than for Pronto Pram to be the sponsor of our Sunday steps sessions.  The mum that makes the best improvement on their best time yet wins a pram cleaning voucher from Pronto Pram which includes pick up and delivery.  Maybe I should start running up those steps faster!

Pronto Pram cleaning services offers a unique pick-up drop-off pram and car seat cleaning service to Sydney's eastern suburbs, drop off from outer suburbs welcomed. We use only natural organic products to clean our prams/car seats!

Call Celine on 0415 965492
or check out her facebook page  for more info

April Mum of the Moment - Meet Genevieve

Without our wonderful mums and bubs Body Beyond Baby just would not be.  Each month we like to celebrate your achievements and recognise the hard work that you put into your training and life as a mum.  This month I would like you to meet our Mum of the Moment for April - Genevieve and her beautiful son Max - Genevieve was nominated by two BBB mums, Danette and Bek.  Genevieve recently moved to the Central Coast but still travels back to Sydney and attends Body Beyond Baby sessions as often as she can.  She was a late starter in our first Find Your Summer Body challenge but made some amazing progress, she joined us again for round two and is looking absolutely amazing!  Well done Genevieve.

As a thank you to our Mum of the Moment and a congratulations for all of her hard work Genevieve will receive a voucher for Plenty Kitchen and Tableware in Bondi Junction

Meet Genevieve

How long have you been training with BBB? 

I started at the beginning of November last year.. So it's been about 5 months.  I had just got back into walking after my 6 week checkup and I bumped into a friend from High School (Jade) when she was doing the Coogee Steps with BBB on a Sunday morning... Everyone looked like they were having a great time (hmmm ok... maybe not a great time! But at least with a fun bunch of people and were motivated to get fit!)
You have gained fantastic, consistent results with the 8 Week Challenge’s – what has been the main factor in this? tell us your secrets..  

Just doing as I've been told!!  I followed the eating and training plan very strictly and just stuck it out! I made sure I was organised with my food and scheduled in when I would do my training sessions each week. It has just become part of my routine now.

You recently moved out of Sydney and are still traveling back to BBB sessions as often as you can – how has the move affected your exercise?

It's definitely harder to guarantee that I can get my sessions done as I always have my little man with me - no Body Beyond Baby Nannies to be seen!  I've had to split sessions up if I can't get them done in one hit.. Like this morning I had a run planned, but Max was over it after about 10 minutes so we had to abort mission!!!  Nick was home early from work so I went out on my own then and did a 40 min track run.  I really miss the continuity of the BBB sessions and seeing all the lovely Mums (and of Course Jen, Amy and the nannies!).

What are your favorite bits about BBB? 

Hmm... what's not to like! I enjoy the variety within the sessions, they keep things interesting and give you something to focus on other than how hard you're working!  A massive plus for me is definitely the nannies - the fact I can take Max with me is just awesome.  If he's happy then I'm happy and that means I can focus solely on my work out. Meeting other like minded mums is also great.

What advice would you give to a new mum thinking about starting to exercise again? 

Be kind to yourself.  Your body has just been through something amazing but also very taxing.  Forget about how fit you used to be (or want to be!) and build up slowly and consistently.  Body Beyond Baby is the perfect way to get back into exercise and achieve amazing things!

Do you have anything else to add?  

I just want to say thank you to Jen for providing such an amazing program.  I am thrilled with my results and can finally fit in to my skinny jeans! Woohoo!

Mum of the Moment is proudly sponsored by

Become friends with the Plenty Kitchen and Tableware Facebook page 
and receive exclusive offers and discounts

Monday, April 16, 2012

Introducing Eastern Suburbs Mobile Massage

I am very excited to announce our partnership with Eastern Suburbs Mobile Massage - having sampled Yana's wonderful techniques myself it is wonderful that she has come on board as a main prize sponsor for our 2012 challenges.  What mum doesn't need a massage and to not even have to leave the house is AMAZING!

The best way to have a massage is in your own home.  Yana at Eastern Suburbs Mobile Massage brings everything needed and combines a variety of massage styles to tailor a treatment especially for you.  It only takes 5 minutes to set up and after a brief discussion investigating your needs, you are on the table.  Drifting away to a deep relaxation whilst receiving the therapy your body craves.  Yana will work on old injuries and postural problems, as well as rejuvenating tired muscles to speed recovery.  Regular massage will improve overall health increasing circulation, relieving stress and tension, and will help you reach your fitness goals sooner with greater ease.  

Available 7 days per week from 10am to 8pm, it's the perfect solution for new mum's and mum's to be, as you don't even have to leave the house.  
Yana also specialises in pregnancy massage (recommended during your 2nd and 3rd trimester).  

Prices are $95 per 1hr, $115 per 1.25hrs and $135 per 1.5hrs.  Yana is registered with all private health funds, so you can claim a rebate too!  Gift vouchers are available and make the ideal present.  

For all appointments and enquiries please phone Yana on 0411 628811.

Introducing The Observatory Hotel

What woman doesn't enjoy an afternoon of high tea and champagne?  As a post challenge treat we will see one of our challenge mums and her friend or partner enjoying a relaxing, child free afternoon at The Observatory Hotel.  The Observatory Hotel have partnered with Body Beyond Baby to indulge mum across all three of our 2012 challenges with a Champagne Afternoon Tea for Two.  We love people who like to spoil our BBB mums!

The Observatory Hotel offers Sydney's finest afternoon tea at Globe Bar & Brasserie. Served in the grand British tradition, this delightful experience embodies all the romance of a bygone era.

Sink into leather armchairs, or plush velvet sofas, and savor a selection of cucumber sandwiches, scones with freshly prepared jam and clotted cream, mini crème brulées, and other cakes, including your choice of 20 unique tea blends from all over the world.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Introducing Lorna Jane

I love new gym gear and I am loving some of the new Lorna Jane winter styles, even better; I get to announce them as our next Main Prize Sponsor across all three 2012 challenges. One hard working mum from each challenge will win herself a $150 gift voucher to go and kit her new body out in brand new workout gear!

Lorna Jane is Australia’s leading active wear label, motivating women to live their best life with fashionable, functional and flattering styles made from innovative performance fabrics.

Since launching 21 years ago, Lorna Jane is now a multi-million dollar fitness-inspired clothing label boasting more than 110 stores throughout Australia and overseas. The fitness inspired brand has grown to include gym and sportswear, yoga and lifestyle clothing, intimates, accessories and footwear. Using original design and quality fabrics, including the brand’s patented LJExcel, lovers of the brand have long applauded Lorna Jane’s unique ability to offer the wearer a fun sense of energy and vitality. Today, Lorna Jane represents more than just active wear. As an advocate for women’s health and wellbeing, Lorna Jane Clarkson has developed a brand which inspires the women of Australia to live an active life and achieve their best through active living.

Introducing The Athletes Foot

 I am always talking about the importance of keeping your runners up to date so I am very excited to announce The Athletes Foot in Bondi Junction as one of our Main Prize Sponsors for all three of our challenges this year.  One lucky mum who puts in the hard yards will win a $100 voucher to spend on some shiney new shoes!

The Athlete’s Foot Bondi Junction is owned and operated by a franchisee and sales team who are committed to servicing the needs of its local community. We aim to provide customers with a First-Class service experience with our highly expert staff and great range of footwear. Apart from having the best range of running shoes, we also range walking, fitness, medical, track, football, netball, tennis, barefoot, sandals and the best school shoes on the market.  Our Clubfit benefits program entitles members to discount vouchers, special offers and tracks the purchase history of each customer so you always know your last pair. This helps us get you into the right shoe every time. The Athlete’s Foot also provide a FIT GUARANTEE. That means if you are not satisfied with your new shoes you can bring them back within 30 days of the purchase date, no questions asked. Come and experience The Athlete’s Foot Bondi Junction award winning customer service today.

To celebrate our partnership The Athlete’s Foot Bondi will offer BBB clients with a 10% discount on any purchase valued more than $200. (**Note that customers are also entitled to our Clubfit Benefits program).

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Introducing Churrasco - Brazilian Style BBQ

Yum - a big welcome to main category sponsor Churrasco!

Churrasco is a Brazilian style BBQ restaurant where cooked meats are continuously brought to your table and offered to you until you have had enough. Your meal includes different types of meat, salads and antipasto items. A great night out for meat lovers - you can't go wrong here!

Churrasco have three locations include 60-70 William St, Woolomoolo, 240 Coogee Bay Rd, Coogee and Shop 3 / 277-281 Kingsway, Caringbah.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Eat more - MOVE more!

For many holiday times mean eating more - not a hugely bad thing but what I often see is the combination of more eating and less movement.  Many people view holidays as a break from exercise therefore in simple terms of energy in vs energy out you are consuming more energy and spending less - a sure fire way to gain body fat.

I don't suggest you never give you body a break from your training routine - in fact it is important that you do take rest periods from time to time but if you started to see holiday times as the perfect time to maintain your exercise (more people to help look after the kids, less things to do therefore more time to squeeze in your workout) and take a rest from training during other times when your diet is more on track (and your often more busy with day to day tasks) then you wouldn't get hit with the double whamy and the additional kg's that come with it.

We are in the Hunter Valley for a few days over Easter - child free, so we packed a few easy to carry bits of exercise equipment and after a much needed sleep in, put a lazy 10am workout into our day - the perfect way to wake up our bodies and help to counter balance the sitting around, eating and drinking that we will do for the rest of the day.  Here is our workout and options so you can complete it wherever you are too.

Introducing BASE by Bat-Ami

 Mum of one and Body Beyond Baby mum has recently released her brand new label BASE by Bat-Ami, and we are proud to announce her as one of our main prize sponsors.

BASE by Bat-Ami is a statement jewellery label, born in 2012, a younger sister label to Bat-Ami Design. It was created to allow more people to experience wearing original hand-made designer jewellery without the hefty price tag.

BASE by Bat-Ami is shaped by an attitude of confidence and a delicate balance of detail, colour and materials.

With a well-considered palette of contemporary hues, the direction of BASE by Bat-Ami is modern and versatile, yet not particularly trend-driven.

The collections are small, playful and whimsical, with a hallmark of originality and flare.

The designs are handmade and incorporate materials sourced from around the globe such as natural and hand-made beads and bronzed metal coming together to create synergy but also provide an eclectic feel.

To celebrate her partnership with Body Beyond Baby, Bat-Ami is offering 30% off ALL product including children's jewellery (From now until the end of May 2012) 

Friday, April 6, 2012

Introducing Inspired Wellbeing

I'd like to announce Inspired Wellbeing as one of our main category prize sponsors:

Inspired Wellbeing is a revolutionary company promoting and supplying natural health products to improve lifestyle, health and wellbeing. Inspired Wellbeing are committed to supplying high quality healthy nutritional products and this starts with the companies that they do business with and the range of brands that they stock. Inspired Wellbeing actively source healthy grocery products, healthy beauty products and natural health care products that use renewable, sustainable, or organic plant based ingredients. Inspired Wellbeing has, for many years now, been offering a large range of affordable and effective health and wellbeing products and delivering them to homes and offices both in Australia and across the globe.

One hard working Body Beyond Baby mum will receive a fantastic prize hamper (valued at over $100) from Inspired Wellbeing to recognise her achievements over the course of our Find Your Summer Body challenge.

AND to celebrate their partnership with Body Beyond Baby, Inspired Wellbeing are offering all Body Beyond Baby clients a $10 voucher with their first purchase. “Quote Body Beyond Baby in the customer notes upon checkout and receive a $10 Inspired Wellbeing voucher to use in your next order.”


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Introducing Rachel Kara photographer

Introducing our overall price sponsor for our Find Your Summer Body - 8 Week Challenge, February 2012. 

With absolutely stunning photography our overall winner will receive one of Rachel's 'Day in the Life' photo shoots valued at over $900.

 Rachel Kara is a lifestyle photographer based in Sydney.  Her photographs showcase the beauty of every day life in a real and spontaneous way.  For Rachel, it's about seeing and capturing the small details and moments that can usually just pass us by...then putting them together to tell a bigger story.  She works on a freelance basis for both commercial and personal commissions.

I know family photos are priceless in our home - a big than you to Rachel for coming on board and I look forward to seeing our winners finished shots.

Rachel is also offering Body Beyond baby mums a 15% discount on full day family packages and weddings, plus 4 free prints when referring a friend

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Birthday Cake Debate - Should you feed your toddler sugar?

This started off for me as The Birthday Cake Debate but given we are fast approaching Easter it could be The Easter Egg Debate.  I took my two children to the park one afternoon last week and there was a little mums group gathering to celebrate their babies 1st birthday.  It was a beautiful day and of course as tradition has it one of the mums had baked a #1 birthday cake - a big blue number 1 with smarties all over it.  The kids were playing and clapping for the singing,  having fun but not really interested in the cake.  Of course the cake was cut and pieces handed out and every single mum started to feed her child some of the cake.  I am sure that at this point some of you are asking what the big deal is but I happen to feel quite strongly about this argument.

Should your child be fed cake, chocolate, any other sugar laden item before they even know what it is or show an interest in what it is?  When a child pulls his face and moves away from the cake yet is then offered more by a grown up, or a child that clearly isn't interested in the chocolate that his mother is following him around trying to feed to him just to make sure "he doesn't miss out"!  Miss out on what exactly?  The sugar high that sends him crazy?  The completely empty calories that do absolutely nothing for his young, growing body?  

I often think that the thought that a child is missing out on a sugary treat excuse is purely about the parents emotional attachment to that item.  A young child doesn't know he is being handed a healthy sugar free muffin in place of the junk food birthday cake.  And those of you that tell me "he wanted it and I had to give it to him".... I ask you - when your child comes and tries to drink out of your beer or wine glass do you let them because they might scream if you say know?  Of course not!  You tell them it's not for little boys and girls; "This is Mummy's drink - you have your water"  

It isn't brain surgery, we live in a world that is getting fatter and fatter and one of the huge contributors to this epidemic is sugar.  Sugar is a huge but unnecessary part of many people's diet in the western world and it is us, as adults and as parents that have a responsibility to educate ourselves and our children to make a change and make sure they don't fall in to the trap that many of our generation and those before us have.

Your children are not missing out when you give them an education into the different types of sugar found in foods, when they ask you if something is good for them before they eat it,  when they would rather reach for the fruit or cheese and crackers over the lollies, when they think that chicks come out of eggs at Easter rather than chocolate because they haven't been exposed to other wise.  You are not being a mean parent, you are being a great parent - give your child a reason for your choices in what you recommend they do and don't eat, they are smarter than you think and they absorb everything you teach them.  Set them up for a healthy life, don't run with the majority just because they might 'miss out'.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Body Beyond Baby Find Your Summer Body Sunday Steps - Start and End points

The below chart shows everyone that has completed the Sunday Steps at least once during the challenge.  We look at where they started on their first attempt and how they improved up until the last time they did the steps.  I have also listed how many weeks each person attended - a big shout out to Angela and Debbie at this point who both got out of bed EVERY Sunday morning for the duration of the challenge and completed all 8 weeks - nice work ladies.

I have also listed the most improved each week - each of these lovely ladies will receive a Pronto Pram cleaning voucher which will be rewarded to them at our awards evening and party on the 14th April.

A big congrats to everyone for such a great effort on  the steps - it's a tough session but over very quick and a great workout!

Body Beyond Baby - Find Your Summer Body Steps Week 7 & 8

It's all over - our Find Your Summer Body 8 Week challenge finished up today with a great effort on Coogee steps.  Here are the results from this week and last.  Big congrats to Bek who took a huge 51" off her time for 7 laps last week and also Caroline who SMASHED her time for five laps this morning taking a MASSIVE 2'45" off her best time - well done ladies - Pronto Pram winners vouchers coming your way!

Week 7

Week 8