Saturday, April 7, 2012

Eat more - MOVE more!

For many holiday times mean eating more - not a hugely bad thing but what I often see is the combination of more eating and less movement.  Many people view holidays as a break from exercise therefore in simple terms of energy in vs energy out you are consuming more energy and spending less - a sure fire way to gain body fat.

I don't suggest you never give you body a break from your training routine - in fact it is important that you do take rest periods from time to time but if you started to see holiday times as the perfect time to maintain your exercise (more people to help look after the kids, less things to do therefore more time to squeeze in your workout) and take a rest from training during other times when your diet is more on track (and your often more busy with day to day tasks) then you wouldn't get hit with the double whamy and the additional kg's that come with it.

We are in the Hunter Valley for a few days over Easter - child free, so we packed a few easy to carry bits of exercise equipment and after a much needed sleep in, put a lazy 10am workout into our day - the perfect way to wake up our bodies and help to counter balance the sitting around, eating and drinking that we will do for the rest of the day.  Here is our workout and options so you can complete it wherever you are too.

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