Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What you need to know about your runners - with Greg Cooper of The Althetes Foot, Bondi Junction

ΓΌ        If you have been to any Body Beyond Baby group exercise session lately you have probably heard my broken record talk about the importance of making sure your runners are up to date - not just for the sake of fashion but for the sake of your feet and whole skeletal system.  I recently met with Greg from The Athletes Foot in Bondi Junction to discuss this important topic, here is my Q&;A with Greg:

      What are the most important things we need to know about our runners?

      Here are my top three tips:

There are 3 types of shoes (for 3 different foot types) – Rolling-in / Rolling-out / Neutral.  If you haven't been properly fitted there is a good chance you got the wrong shoe for your foot type.

Runners typically last for 1,000 km before they begin to break down. The cushioning begins to show crease lines and the mesh upper becomes mushy. As a general rule, somebody wearing trainers 2-3 times per week should replace their trainers once a year and more often if you are training more.

The older your runners get, the more shock starts to travel up through your legs, in many cases leading to niggles.  Also, the top part of the shoe fails to support your feet.  Essentially, old shoes are like cheap shoes and you are more susceptible to discomfort or injury.

I heard that feet can change during pregnancy, is this true?

During pregnancy, a build-up of fluid and softening of ligaments in the feet can cause the feet to grow bigger. and the additional weight carried during pregnancy also flattens the arch. Feet will generally become smaller after pregnancy but quite often feet may not return to their pre-natal size. So yes, your shoe size can increase but normally only by a half size or so.

You fit shoes in store - why would you say this is the best option and what are the benefits of having our shoes fitted in store at The Athletes Foot?
You will receive one on one service from our highly trained staff, your footwear needs will be properly assessed and the right shoe provided.  We also have a FIT Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied you can return of change the shoes within 30 days. (I like this bit - you can wear them, try them and tale them back if they are not right!)

The Athletes foot is located at Shop 2040 in Westfield Bondi Junction


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Lean Lamb Cutlet - by BBB Trainer Amy Adamson

French trimmed lamb cutlets are a very lean way to eat lamb.  Yes, they are more expensive than other cuts of meat but that is because you are buying a larger percentage of meat and less visible fat.  If you are following a healthy eating plan then you really only need two lamb cutlets for a protein packed dinner.  Serve with a crisp salad or some steamed veg, yum! The kids will love them too as the meat is so tender…

Lemon, Garlic& Oregano Cutlets (serves 2 adults)

4 French trimmed lamb cutlets
1 lemon, juiced
½ clove garlic, crushed
1 tsp dried oregano
Pinch salt & cracked pepper
Handful of green beans
Handful of sugar snap peas
Handful of snow peas
1 shallot, chopped
Handful of fresh mint, chopped

Marinate lamb cutlets in half the lemon juice, crushed garlic and oregano, salt & pepper. Refrigerate for ½ hour.
Blanch beans, sugar snaps and snow peas in boiling water for 2 minutes.  Refresh in cold water to stop them from cooking.  Toss with chopped shallot, mint, remaining lemon juice, salt and pepper.
Cook lamb cutlets in pan or on BBQ to your liking.
Serve lamb cutlets with salad for a delicious and nutritious dinner.

1 medium lamb cutlet – 70g

Calories    108     
Total Fat    6.1 g
Saturated Fat    2.4 g
Carbohydrate    0.0 g  
Protein    13.3 g

*Note that nutritional values are from Calorie King

Caroline - Find Your Summer Body Week 6 & 7

We are all very nearly there... final week of the challenge and I’m focused.  It seams easier to give my all as I can see the finishing line.  Or am I kidding myself again.  Am I really just trying to make-up for a week of bad choices whilst on holiday??!!
My good intentions we’re sadly misguided.  Whilst on holiday, I tried to dodge the carbs and moderate the treats but in reality, I put the challenge ‘on hold’.  I didn’t manage to put on my trainers and pull on my elastic at all.  This is  totally defendable, but what scares me is how I will behave once the challenge is over.  Will I go back to eating and drinking the wrong things on a daily basis?  If I can take something good from the holiday (other than the amazing wedding, snorkeling, sunshine and relaxation!!), it will be that I have worked  hard for 8 weeks to change some bad habits, not just to drop a load of weight and improve muscle tone. 
Back into training this week was better than I thought.  Sure, I found t a little harder than before I went away but I had a couple of good sessions.  We did the pipes again with Amy on Wednesday and the hill with Jen on Friday.  As we were unable to train on the usual hill, we used the hill just behind the trees where we train in the damp.  Having done the hill before, I found the ‘smaller’ hill a little more forgiving.  And was certainly spurred on by Jen’s call “Move it Caroline. I’m sure there was cake eaten while you were away!”  She was right, cake was eaten so I moved it a little bit faster!
Sunday was a tricky session (the steps always are!).  Hazel has woken at 1.30 and stayed awake til after 3.  Both of us had a slight tummy bug and I felt terrible before I’d even  started my first lap.  Fairly determined to make the most of the early morning, I managed 5 laps but didn’t  match my best time.  I have however made a promise to myself that I will continue with the steps after the BBB sessions finish until I reach my goal weight. 
I’m excited about Saturday’s measure and fitness test.  I feel I deserve some great results, and truly hope my hard work will be reflected in the numbers.  We will see!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Body Beyond Baby Team Events

We have got the ball rolling on a few events for 2012 so I thought I'd put them all in one place so you can check out for yourself what we are doing and then jump on board with whichever ones suit you.  I'd encourage you to give at least one event a go this year, join your BBB team mates, have fun, train hard and accomplish something this year that you possible never thought you would.  Of course friends and non BBB mummy's are welcome to join our teams too.

Nike She Runs The Night - May 3rd - Centennial Park

 Join us to reclaim the night and run 13km's around a lit up Centennial Park

A great starting distance for most this is an all female event and no doubt will be lots of fun.

We will be doing a couple of training runs on Sunday 22nd and 29th April in preparation.

For more details and to sign up go here

SMH Half Marathon - Running for Premature Babies  - May 20th

 Body Beyond Baby mum Sophie Smith gathers a team and runs the SMH Half Marathon every year in memory of her triplets Henry, Jasper and Evan - if you've ever thought of running a half marathon this is a great one to enter and it's not too late to join Sophie's team.

Sophie organises training runs every second Sunday and would love for you to join her. 

For more details go here

Tough Bloke Challenge - Sunday 1st July

No princesses here!  I already know there are lot's of Tough Mother's amongst us so let's conquer this one!  We will enter a team on Sunday 1st July to run, swing and climb over and under anything that is thrown at us.  I am sure this will be a whole lot of fun and with a course of 6km's this one is achievable for pretty much all of us - who's in!!!

This event is on Saturday and Sunday but we will do SUNDAY1st July and I have registered for the 10.30am start wave

For more details and to register go here

We may look at doing some other events in the second half of 2012 but this should keep you going for now - the only thing to do next is to decide which one is for you!

Cori - Find Your Summer Body Week 6 & 7

Week 6

Week 6 of the challenge and I cannot believe there are only two weeks left!  I underestimated how hard it would be to exercise 5 days a week when I can only go to Jen's session once a week.  But, I am sticking to it and I have exercised 5 times this week.  I did the steps for the first time this week.  Nobody told me that I would need calf replacements for 3 days after ward!  I surprised myself by really enjoying the workout, I went to the stairs in Potts point from Victoria Road.  I did 12 rounds of 112 steps in a little under 20minutes.  I have no idea if that is good, but I felt pretty good with the results.  My eating has mostly stayed on track, with the exception of the peanut butter accidentally jumping into my mouth one night...or maybe two.  But, other than that I have been cooking very healthy meals and I have made the change to only healthy snacks.  The best part is that my family is now eating a lot healthier as well.  And, even though I missed the Saturday session because of the rain, I still made it to the gym to do some strength training.

Week 7

At the beginning of the week I was really looking forward to the last two weeks of buckling down and kicking this challenge's bum!  I started the week off strong; steps, a run and strength training.  And then I hit a big brick wall.  Thanks to my children, I am now sick.  I have missed three days of exercise this week and I am pretty down about it.  I am really hoping that I can breathe through my nose tomorrow so that I can go for a run.  Also, no sessions this week because I have a conference in the city and I can't miss any of the days.  I guess this means I will have to work twice as hard the last week.  At least I have been keeping up with the healthy eating, which is not easy when you have a buffet lunch and morning/afternoon teas everyday.    I am really looking forward to the (potentially) nice weather this weekend and clocking the progress I have made with my long runs.  Now, if only I can stop dreaming about chocolate...

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Introducing - Body Beyond Baby Advanced

We have a number of Body Beyond Baby women that have now been training with us for sometime, who have spent time and effort re-building their bodies from the inside out and are now ready to compliment their training in the park with our next level of training.  This newly created training program is jam packed with all of the exercises that I know will increase your fitness, increase your toning and take your core strength to the next level. 

After practicing on myself for the last 12 months and taking the time to increase my knowledge with some of the best core, posture and full body exercises that will push you and force your body to change for the better.  I will be introducing you to the TRX, ultimate instrument, kettle bells, medicine balls, ropes, rings and much much more.  In focused groups of up to 6 we will take the time to learn correct technique to ensure you are getting the best possible results from your workouts.
If you have any questions at all or to book in for your complimentary trial session please email me at or call me on 0402 728047

Here are a couple of videos that include just a sample of some of the exercise you will be performing or working towards - can't wait to get you started!

Session times: 9.15am Thursday's commencing Thursday 29th March
Location: Energise Health Management, Ebely Street, Bondi Junction (above RTA)
Class size: up to 6 people to ensure maximum attention can be given to each person
Cost: $50 per session - 1st session complimentary
Nannies: we may provide a nanny service depending upon how many mus would like to bring their child - children will be in the same room
·         You must have NO abdominal separation
·         You have a fully functioning, strong pelvic floor
·         Have been participating in either Body Beyond Baby group training sessions OR another exercise program
·         Be a minimum of 6 months postnatal
·         Individual cases will be assessed for suitability and may be asked to attend a pelvic floor and TA assessment

Hello Baby, Bye Bye Orgasm

I know what you're already thinking - who's sex life doesn't take a turn for the worse after having a baby.  In the early stages this is definitely true, your body has been through so much, emotions are running high, hormones are doing whatever the hell they feel like doing and you have a tiny baby hanging off your breast most of the time - I know I had the 'closed for business' sign around my neck for some time after the births of my little ones.

But.... sooner or later you do feel like revisiting that part of your life, when you have finally had more than a couple of hours sleep at night, your 'bits' are feeling a little more normal and sometimes when you just cant fight your partner off any longer you are ready to give it a go.  You had a sex life before children and you can have one afterward - maybe a little less spontaneous one but it is an important part of a your relationship and you are allowed to desire and enjoy each other again.

You set the scene (door closed) some cuddling and kissing follows then you get down to business, you've done it a hundred times together before so it really shouldn't be that much different... should it??? So far, so good, he's into it, you're into it, everything is where it used to be but no matter how hard you try that elusive orgasm, the big 'O' that had never been any trouble to find before has left the building!  So not only have you given your body up for this baby for nine months they have now taken away your sexual enjoyment too - you're frustrated, he's got no idea what he's doing wrong and it all just feels like a little too much effort.

Let me tell you a little about the pelvic floor's role in reaching orgasm.  Your pelvic floor muscles are responsible for the amount of sensation you feel during sex and strong firm muscles are said to have more nerve endings than weaker muscles and therefore meaning more sensations for you.  More importantly in order to achieve orgasm your pelvic floor needs to contract around your clitoris to stimulate and there for reach that 'O' so wonderful place you are looking for.

The pelvic floor is stretched and often traumatised during childbirth, I find some mums who train with Body Beyond Baby often don't realise they have a weak pelvic floor until after I have suggested that they undergo a Real Time Ultrasound assessment 'just to make sure everything is okay' before we move into higher impact and more strenuous exercise.  What we sometimes find here is that women that thought their pelvic floor was fine might not be okay and may be compensating for this weakness by using other more superficial muscles, which, in turn can eventually lead to other complications, aches and pains (not to mention an even weaker pelvic floor) down the track.  Having delved a little deeper we discover that some of these women have not achieved orgasm since having their baby, but  they haven't made the connection between a weak pelvic floor and lack of fun in the bedroom due to the fact that they have no 'obvious' symptoms of a weakened pelvic floor.

I spoke to Jo Murdoch of The Physiotherapy Clinic in as to what her best advice is to anyone that thinks this might be the case for them. Jo said; "Recognise the inability to reach orgasm as a sign your pelvic floor is not functioning as well as it should. Therefore have it assessed by a women’s health physiotherapist and get yourself on a pelvic floor retraining program."

So ladies, don't sit in silence, go and get a quick pelvic floor check up and reclaim your sex life - and while you're at it please share this article with your mummy friends - it's not the kind of conversation many of us have over our mothers group coffee but it's definitely one worth having, for everybody's sake - I'm sure they will thank you for it!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Body Beyond Baby - Find Your Summer Body Steps - Week 6

The rain cleared and allowed us to hit the steps on Sunday morning - here are the results from week 6.  There were a few standouts this week with Bat-Ami knocking a massive 2'57" off her time for 5 sets of steps.  She just pipped Pam to most improved who knocked an impressive 2'54" off her time. 

These times are ideal - everyone was working for 25-30mins which is a great amount of time for this kind of high intensity exercise - go hard then go home!

How Versatile is Spaghetti Bolognaise? by Body Beyond Baby trainer Amy Adamson

What child does not like Spaghetti Bolognaise?  Spag Bol has to be one of the best meals for hiding veggies, packing it full of the healthy stuff and your children don't even know they are there!

If you don't use this trick already try finely chopping (mincing) raw broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, yellow squash, capsicum or spinach in your food processor and adding it to your spag bol.  Or, if your children don’t mind lumps, finely grate some carrot or sweet potato and you will be surprised at how these veggies ‘sweeten’ your spaghetti bolognaise.  If there are too many lumps in the end product you can just use a hand held blender to puree the sauce down to your liking.

Now if hiding veggies isn't genius enough this next bit is going to save you time and effort!  I make a big batch of my spag bol sauce…usually with 2kg lean mince and generally the same amount of veg so it is approximately 50/50.   I then use half to make a lasagne which I cut into kids portion sizes and freeze (making about 10 portions) already I have five dinners for two children ready to go on those days I just don’t feel like cooking. 

What do I do with the other half of the veggie packed sauce?  I freeze it in kids portion sizes and make the following with the same spag bol sauce that I know is highly nutritious:

Spag Bol (of course) - all is required is to boil some wholemeal pasta and top with my delicious sauce that I have defrosted earlier.  Add a bit of  cheese and you've got a winner.

Tacos – defrost veggie packed sauce, heat tacos in oven and have the kids top their tacos with some chopped lettuce, tomato, cucumber, avocado, grated carrot & cheese…messy but delicious.

 Nachos – Add some tinned kidney beans to the sauce.  Top some plain corn chips with sauce and cheese and melt under the grill.  Add avocado or guacamole and sour cream -yum!

Baked potatoes – Bake regular potatoes or sweet potatoes in the oven until skin is crispy and potato is cooked.  Cut the top off the potato, this is the hat…spoon some spag bol sauce and cheese.  Melt cheese in the oven and top potato with the hat!

I am sure the sauce would work with Burritos too or other healthy wholemeal wraps….
So if you have a fussy eater or are just running out of ideas then try these meals to mix up the traditional spaghetti bolognaise!

If you have any other ways you use your Spaghetti Bolognaise please do share….