Monday, March 26, 2012

Cori - Find Your Summer Body Week 6 & 7

Week 6

Week 6 of the challenge and I cannot believe there are only two weeks left!  I underestimated how hard it would be to exercise 5 days a week when I can only go to Jen's session once a week.  But, I am sticking to it and I have exercised 5 times this week.  I did the steps for the first time this week.  Nobody told me that I would need calf replacements for 3 days after ward!  I surprised myself by really enjoying the workout, I went to the stairs in Potts point from Victoria Road.  I did 12 rounds of 112 steps in a little under 20minutes.  I have no idea if that is good, but I felt pretty good with the results.  My eating has mostly stayed on track, with the exception of the peanut butter accidentally jumping into my mouth one night...or maybe two.  But, other than that I have been cooking very healthy meals and I have made the change to only healthy snacks.  The best part is that my family is now eating a lot healthier as well.  And, even though I missed the Saturday session because of the rain, I still made it to the gym to do some strength training.

Week 7

At the beginning of the week I was really looking forward to the last two weeks of buckling down and kicking this challenge's bum!  I started the week off strong; steps, a run and strength training.  And then I hit a big brick wall.  Thanks to my children, I am now sick.  I have missed three days of exercise this week and I am pretty down about it.  I am really hoping that I can breathe through my nose tomorrow so that I can go for a run.  Also, no sessions this week because I have a conference in the city and I can't miss any of the days.  I guess this means I will have to work twice as hard the last week.  At least I have been keeping up with the healthy eating, which is not easy when you have a buffet lunch and morning/afternoon teas everyday.    I am really looking forward to the (potentially) nice weather this weekend and clocking the progress I have made with my long runs.  Now, if only I can stop dreaming about chocolate...

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