Wednesday, December 8, 2010

You'll find me being mum

I've been a little quiet on the blog front of late - I think about it and you guys everyday.  My Monday measurements are late but quite frankly this week I haven't taken them - I felt pretty bloated come Monday's weekend comedown from dinners out a few drinks along with allowing a little too much sugar that I just didn't feel like taking them - I will bring them back next week. 

So where have I been and why aren't I talking to you?  I am taking this week to play mum, to work a little but not a lot (so if you don't hear from me this is why), to rest a little, to make Christmas happen, to organise presents and send cards (I was thinking of ditching that custom this year but I'm going to power ahead).  It's family year book making time where I compile all of the years worth of digital photos into a coffee table book that we actually look at rather than them just being on a file in a virtual world.....I enjoy doing I am bringing the enjoyment back by giving my self the time to do it.  There is a pile of ironing that needs getting through (I am an ironing freak and I actually enjoy it, good TV show or a movie and it's quite relaxing) so I am making time for that.  My two year old is VERY challenging at the moment so I am taking time to TRY to deal with him and my daughter is giving us challenges of her own (though touch wood she went down for this afternoons nap very easily) so I am giving myself time to relax and enjoy her when I can.  My training has been on track so I am taking time for that and I know Christmas is just around the corner and I am taking time out from work then but I have decided that this week is about me and looking after your inner self is just as important as looking after your outer self so I am looking after the inside......otherwise I might cry.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

First week back on the sugar....or not?

So it's been 7 days since December rolled around (only 2 and a bit weeks till Christmas - crazy) and we are now 'allowed' sugar.  I have to say that as December the 1st rolled around I was filled with mixed emotions/thoughts/cravings/not caring......  It's funny though that gradually that switch flips in your mind and does all sorts of crazy things to you.  The first week to two weeks of NOsugarVEMBER were HARD - chocolate was everywhere and it consumed much of my brain time but bit by bit I just didn't care.  The no alcohol was easy for me, although it was also my only slip up for the entire month.... I had a dinner with my mothers group and didn't want to be the trainer in the corner not drinking, talk about giving in to peer pressure and it's interesting that it was within a group that I am still getting to know - had it been people I have know forever I wouldn't have cared and made the announcement that I wasn't drinking (it was also on the 28th November so right at the end).  Don't worry I did many many more than five burpees during the month of November and that's out of choice!

Now my brain is playing tricks on me - I don't really want chocolate (I know we are talking sugar in general but chocolate is mostly my downfall) but I CAN eat it now if I want to - before it just wasn't an option.  I wasn't going to be the one leading this no sugar quest and also the one checking in a confessing to any slip ups.  I had two blocks of organic chocolate in my drawer that sat there for he whole of last month, once I had made the decision I didn't care and wouldn't eat them I even forgot that they were there.  But when the calendar changed to December it's like someone put a huge flashing light and siren on them saying EAT ME EAT ME and so I did - and to be honest I didn't really enjoy them that much, there wasn't an overwhelming sense of satisfaction and I would have enjoyed the natural yogurt and mashed mango I had taken a liking to during November more.  The chocolate tasted REALLY sugary - duh..... and not all that amazing.  I truly believe we hard wire our brains and we just have to keep them on track, keep our blinkers on and stay on the right road.  Otherwise you eat chocolate, ice cream or your sugary treat of choice and your brain says SUGAR GIVE ME MORE so you eat more and more and more and you find yourself depending on the stuff.  Break that hard wiring and it becomes so much easier to stay off it - like I said after week two I just didn't care....that is until an event came around (December) that made me think about it and bring it once again for the front of my mind .  Should I have ignored it?  yes, probably and after the weekend of dinners out I have just had I am now getting back on the wagon to consume VERY minimal sugar.  Special occasions ok, once a week ok, but not everyday or even every weekend day.  I feel the bloating effects immediately and I was feeling so great last week.

Moral of the story - sugar is bad, it makes you fat and it makes women crazy

Thursday, December 2, 2010

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