Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rebuild from the inside out

Wow - I cant believe its Wednesday already, the public holiday definitely makes for a shorter feeling week -  I have been busy getting in contact with some fantastic businesses who will be providing me with products to review that are aimed at making mums (and bubs and therefore mums) life easier and happier.  I am really excited about who we have on board and can't wait to introduce them to you.  These businesses have also been kind enough to offer their product for you to win too - so look out for Feel Good Friday - we are bringing products and prizes to help make life simpler and you feel great.

So, how is my week going in terms of exercise and staying on track?  I have learned a big lesson this week and one I know that my physio would give me a great big slap on the wrist for but I wanted to share it with you because it reinforces how super important it is not too do too much too soon.  I completed a cross fit style workout last Friday morning which I am really enjoying and I had been taking it a little easier than normal and modifying exercises etc to ease back into things and leaving out any really challenging ab exercises.  I have checked myself and been checked for abdominal separation and thanks to the rehabilitation exercises that I have been doing almost immediately following India's birth I am lucky enough not to have any gap already.  With this knowledge I went in a little gung hoe and did an exercise which recruited lots of abdominal muscles (including rectus abdominal) along with upper body strength - it felt fine at the time but as I got to Saturday I was feeling like someone was constricting my breathing and it was even uncomfortable to walk!  Now I tell you this (and am a little embarrassed by it) but it is so super important to build up slowly - I have been building up over the last 5 weeks but I still pushed myself too far on this occasion - you must rebuild your body from the inside out and even when you 'think' you are feeling great and you can challenge yourself with something more advanced keep in mind that your body may or may not be quite ready so keep it slow and monitor your progress and how you feel the next day.  It is now Wednesday and I am still feeling my tummy muscles from last Friday - not exactly the best idea.

Even though I have been diligent and have been doing my rebuild from the inside out exercises I still managed to push too far so I can't stress enough how important it is before going on to more strenuous exercise.  If you learn how to do these inner unit activation exercises properly you will build a fantastic base for your best and strongest body ever AND get rid of that 'mummy tummy'.

You can check out my DVD on the Body Beyond Baby website and check in tomorrow for a new online video showing you how to switch on those inner core muscles.

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