Friday, October 15, 2010

Feel Good Friday - product review 'ergoCocoon' stocked by WrigglepotI

 India has been trialing and testing the ergoCocoon which was supplied to me by Christine from Wrigglepot.  I have to say when India came along I was a little dubious of all these new and supposedly wonderful forms of wrapping or swaddling your new baby.  Marley was wrapped in a good old piece of muslin and I had decided that this baby would be no different, after all we had hundreds of the things.

So along came India and lots of not so settled nights it was a bit of a shock to the system..... we had some wraps lent to us by a friend which promised to be great but once we had finished figuring out what bit goes where and which pieces of velcro attached to each other she would have wriggled her way out and we would find ourselves starting over again.  Another day whilst wondering a baby store we stumbled upon another version that we hoped might be the answer to our prayers only to find she really hated it and wouldn't sleep in it at all - this one is now neatly folded in our wardrobe.

Then I became in touch with Christine from Wrigglepot and she introduced the ergoCocoon - how I wish we had found this product earlier.  There is no velcro (just a very soft zip which is nicely covered at the top so as not to irritate baby's neck).  It is so simple to use and no one could possibly get it wrong (not even dad) so there's no worries about leaving your baby with someone else and coming home only to find their wrap up around their little head.

The zip also goes from the top and the bottom so if that night time nappy change really can't be avoided then bub can be kept all tucked up and warm on the top half - I always find if their arms stay wrapped they stay more sleepy, there's nothing like arms being freed to bring on a stretch and a big wake up smile.....lovely as it is it's not quite so welcomed at 3am!

The ergoCocoon is made from  a beautiful organic cotton with a hint of spandex which makes its snug but stretchy and it's nice and thin which makes it perfect for the Australian summers.  The other great feature of this product is the fact it has poppers at the arms to that when your baby is transitioning from being wrapped to a sleeping bag you can continue to use it and the fact that the larger size goes up to 12 months or 11kg means the transition should be easier and you will save money by not having to go out and buy yet another baby product quite so soon.

So I am really happy with our ergoCocoon and India is sleeping soundly as I type all wrapped up.  I would definitely recommend this product to mums as something that will make life easier and help your baby sleep - at least it did mine and I plan on sitting comfortably at my computer to order a second one (for when this one is in the wash) from Christine at Wrigglepot as her website is great and her customer service wonderful (my first one arrived on my doorstep the very next day after being in touch with her and lets face it when we decide we need these baby things we need them yesterday!)  I'll leave you here with a picture of India looking very happy in her ergoCocoon.

To go into the draw to win your very own ergoCocoon just post below your name, phone number and email along with how you think this product will make your life as mum easier. 

All entrants must 'like' both the Body Beyond Baby and Wrigglepot facebook pages 

Winner will be announced on Thursday 21st of October on the Body Beyond Baby facebook page and blog - Good luck and happy sleeping!

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Heatlhy Kids Eat Plants said...

I absolutely loved the ergo cocoon when my little one was a newborn. I have never really mastered 'swaddling' and my little Matilda could get out of ANY wrap... EXCEPT her ergo cocoon!! I actually ordered mine from Christine too, but didn't realise that she now has larger sizes, and with the adjustable arms!! I'm sure when I ordered mine a few months ago - they didn't have this!?! Anyway, I'm very excited, and now realise that I could still be using one with my 8month old. This would be perfect for the upcoming summer.
Thanks for the review Jen xxx

mamamia said...

I would like to leave a comment to enter the draw, but I'm not keen to leave my contact details where everyone can read them, is it possible to do it differently please?

Unknown said...

Hi Jen, this product sounds so so amazing. When my little Charlotte was born into this world we had all sorts of sleeping trouble (and still do, even though she's now 18months old) I'm lucky to get 4hours of solid unbroken sleep a night (it really is breaking me, and yes, we really have tried everything like sleep Dr's, Tizzy Hall's books, etc). Like you, my partner and I bought and trialed every "wrap, swaddle or sling" on the market just to get a good night sleep (and yes, we also spent a small fortune in the process).

We're currently planning baby No2 (sometime soon we hope) and I would absolutely LOVE to try this out on little Ms or Mr when they come into the world! I'm going to do so many things different with baby No2, than what I did with baby No1.

Thanks for the review...x

Jen Dugard said...

Great point mamamia about leaving contact details on show!!! oops...

Ok so, leave you comments here on how the ergoCoccon could make your life easier then I will put all the 'usernames' into the drawer and announce both here and on the BBB facebook page next Thursday, 21st THEN I will collect contact and delivery details from the winner!

Much better idea.

Remember you must 'like' both the Body Beyond Baby and the Wrigglepot FB page to be eligible - good luck

mamamia said...

Thanks for amending that, I feel much better now, lol! Such a woose, I know. :)

I have used so many wraps for all my babies and all of them have wriggled out and become unhappy within a short space of time!

The ergo cocoon looks like a fantastic idea and I know my eldest daughter would be keen to try it on her 3 week old baby girl as she has inherited that houdini gene too, lol!

Thanks for the review, it's great to see what's new out there, and what works also.

Megan said...

The ergo cocoon sounds great and with baby no. 1 on the way, I'm on the lookout for anything that will make my life easier and the ergo cocoon will definitely be a life saver. I have added it to my list of must haves!

Brookewint said...

I am so keen to try the ergo coocoon.... I have given birth to a Houdini! Things are so different second time around. The wraps don't work, he refuses a dummy and keeps waking up at night... hoping the snug fit keeps my little man feeling safe and secure.

mjelly said...

I've never been good at swaddling, the swaddle cloth is always too small and falls off, or too large and baby becomes a snowman. Could certainly use a foolproof ErgoCocoon!

The Mummy Hat said...

My daughter manages to get out of her Miracle Blanket wrap every night! I've never found anything that is Missy Moo proof! I'd love to try this one!