Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mum of The Moment - Meet Sarah

Without our wonderful mums and bubs Body Beyond Baby just would not be.  Each month we like to celebrate your achievements and recognise the hard work that you put into your training and life as a mum.  This month I would like you to meet our Mum of the Moment for September - Sarah and her 3 children Wilbur (5 1/2), Archer (22m) and Tabitha (5m).  Sarah joined Body Beyond Baby with her mothers group after Archer was born and has now come back with a vengeance after Tabitha.  An inspiration especially given Sarah is single parenting for months on end - I'll let Sarah tell you more.
As a thank you to our Mum of the Moment and a congratulations for all of her hard work Sarah will receive a voucher for Plenty Kitchen and Tableware in Bondi Junction

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m 31 and I’m from Scotland but have been living in Australia for four years and I am now officially Aussie as I passed my citizenship test last week! I’ve been married to my Husband, Matt, for 7 years. We have three children. Wilbur, Archer and Tabitha. As many of you know, and the main reason I was voted for as Mum of the Moment, my husband is in the Army and is currently serving with the Mentoring Task Force in Afghanistan. He left on the 1st of June when Tabitha was only 5 weeks old. It’s been hard but I am so glad I got into the routine of Body Beyond Baby training sessions just after he left. It’s made the weeks go a lot faster and all the goals and achievements I have made since joining, not to mention the wonderful mums and bubs at the sessions have kept me positive and upbeat and distracted me for several hours a week from worrying!

What made you join Body Beyond Baby?

I joined Body Beyond Baby after my son, Archer's birth for a while before falling pregnant with Tabitha and when I started training again this time my youngest was only 8 weeks old so I really didn’t think I’d be capable of very much at the sessions but I really wanted to start feeling fitter again – Double strollers are heavy! Having trained with Jen before I knew I’d be in safe hands and that I wouldn’t be doing anything detrimental to my body. I have to say that my motivation was really strong for two reasons. Firstly as I knew that Tabitha was my last child I felt that all the hard work I knew I had to put into rebuilding my body on the inside wasn’t going to be undone again with another pregnancy and that I could really focus long term on getting back into, if not better shape than my pre pregnancy self. Secondly, I wanted to do something for me that got me out the house. With three children most of my spare time is filled up with children centric activities like the school run, swimming lessons, play group, music class, sports lessons and when I’m done with them my energy and motivation to put me first or do something for me is at the bottom of the ‘ Things I never get round to doing’ list, usually below cleaning the veggie drawer in the fridge and tackling the hand-wash only laundry! I was conscious that with my husband away for 6 months that I needed to do something for me that didn’t only involve slumping on the sofa with a glass of wine, choccie biscuits and the foxtel remote after a long day. So I signed up for Body Beyond Baby two mornings a week. That was 12 weeks ago and I’m loving it. I have also taken on a one on one training session each week with Jen which really keeps momentum going.
What has been your Body Beyond Baby highlight so far?

Definitely the improvement in my timed run! Although I wasn’t on the challenge I still joined in with the fitness testing in some of the sessions and in 8 weeks I went from taking 5.05 to run twice round the oval to 3.36. It was really amazing to see my progress especially as I hadn’t noticed myself that my cardio had improved. I’d say it was the highlight over my other achievements because it just crept up on me and wasn’t something I had expected to improve at or had been consciously working on. It was a nice surprise and made me feel proud of myself.
What has been your greatest challenge?

Push ups! I have never in my life been able to do a push up. I actually thought it was unachievable and I had a total mental block to believing that I could do one. Breaking through not only the physical barrier but the mental one was my biggest challenge. Even in the sessions after 6 weeks of training I was still struggling with them. It took a big mind shift for me but I can now do 8 on my toes! At home now, sometimes when I’m walking around the house I just stop and do a push up just because I can - it still seems unbelievable to me that I have managed to do it! But I did and I can!
What has inspired you to sign up to our Find Your Summer Body 8 Week Challenge?

When I came back to Body Beyond Baby the Watch Your Winter Waistline challenge was two weeks in and although Jen said it wasn’t too late to sign up for it I just felt that it was too much for me. I thought it was a fantastic idea but I really didn’t think I could meet any of my physical fitness targets and I wasn’t ready to confront how unfit I had become and how much a third pregnancy had altered my body. I remembered the days when I could hold an on toes prone position for 3 minutes and now my core was shaking trying to do one on my knees for 10 seconds! However after training with all the amazing women in the groups throughout the Winter Waistline journey I am now up for a challenge rather than scared of one! The other mums at the training sessions and the increased confidence in my self because my training sessions were my inspiration to join up for the summer challenge.
Do you have anything else to add?

I feel really flattered to have been voted Mum of the Moment, but I think we are all Mum’s of the Moment. For every moment that we all choose the park over the sofa, for those moments when you are already late and think you are never going to get out the house without another nappy change or tantrum but push the ‘It’s just too difficult’ excuse back onto the naughty spot, ignore it and keep on going to get to our classes, we all deserve a round of applause and a mini Mexican wave to remind us of what we are accomplishing. Well done to all of us.

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