Saturday, September 1, 2012

Introducing Fashion Parté

We are very excited to announce our most recent partnership with Fashion Parté.  All of our challenge mums are overhauling their bodies therefore there is a natural relationship in providing the opportunity to overhaul wardrobes,  looks or gain a few tips and tricks from the experts.  

Jennifer Austin is the founder, director and head stylist of Fashion Parté. She is a Mother, Fashion Personal Stylist and Wardrobe Image Consultant.
Fashion Parté is a diverse event and fashion styling company that was established to assist women in helping them find their own personal style.  The company aims to achieve this through personal fashion consulting, clothing, make up, beauty and fashion styling workshop events. 

Jennifer, is an ex international catwalk model and has over 20 years experience in the fashion industry. Her background in the fashion world enabled her to start the business which focuses on giving the average woman personal attention when it came to styling. Jennifer also assists in consulting woman regarding fashion, wardrobe maintenance, colour schemes and overall confidence to re-create a personal style that is suitable to the individual.  She is a member of International Image Consultant International.

Jennifer has styled over 200 women in the past year, women of different sizes, ages and shapes. Her philosophy with her clients is “be true to yourself”. This means embracing what works best for their body and personality. She teaches them the skills to dress fashionably in clothes that suit their shape, size and lifestyle and also how to dress to a budget.

Call Jennifer on 0416 222 343
or check out her website and  facebook page  for more info


Julie Hyne said...

you are doing good job. and this is the best way to help and guide the people

Jen Dugard said...

Thanks Julie :)