Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Taylors Estate Agent sponsors The Bluebird Community

Last November during postnatal depression awareness week I launched an initiative called The Bluebird Community.  The Bluebird Community comprises of fitness business for exercise, business for sponsorship and heath/medical professionals for awareness and referrals.  With this trio of support The Bluebird Community can make a real difference in the lives of women experiencing postnatal depression by offering them fully funded exercise positions at Body Beyond Baby for a period of three months training either once or twice per week depending upon the sponsorship positions we have available.

We have had two women come through this program so far and are glad to say we have made a big difference to them - here is what one of our Bluebird mothers had to say:

" I have just had a discussion with my psychiatrist on how amazing you are to have given me this opportunity of Body Beyond Baby as well as an amazing support network .

 Have just looked up The Bluebird Community as did not know exactly what  it was all about (except you were helping me)  and it seems amazing. Would like to get involved in any way I can to give back.

 After such a rocky start of Charlie having meningitis at 3 weeks old, and being in St Johns Mother Baby Unit for 6 weeks I never was able to join a mothers group so its been great meeting other mothers ( as I am the first out of my friends to have a baby).

 As of last week I have successfully come off my sleeping tablets after being on them for four months. I was so scared about doing  this as it was five sleepless nights due to my anxiety that sent me to hospital. The exercise group is what I think helped the process the most and I am no longer anxious to go to bed ! 

 I aim to be off all medication by Charlie's 1st birthday.

So a huge thank you!!  You are an amazing person to want to help people...that's my aim as well when I am fully recovered"

Body Beyond Baby will always offer one self funded position for a mother to train for us for a three month period.  I am also now very excited to announce that we have officially welcomed Taylors Estate Agents, Randwick on board as our first sponsor.  Taylors have pledged to become a Platinum Sponsor which means they have named their own sponsorship amount over and above our bronze, silver and gold options.  his means that we can now support more mums through this program and this is really exciting!

Photo: Mark Taylor, Jen Dugard and Robbie Thorncroft at The Bluebird Community launch.

Here's a little about Taylors and why they decided to come on board:

At Taylors we’re justifiably proud of our heritage and the role we play in the local community.  It’s fair to say we have the true essence of a family business – Principal Mark Taylor took the agency’s reins from his father who took over the helm from his father before him.  Since 1926, we have provided clients with the stability, integrity and high degree of personalised service in Real Estate, which goes along with such an intimate level of involvement and ownership.  However, we certainly don’t rest on our laurels.
Our wealth of experience lends invaluable support to our clear vision for the future.  We’re committed to remaining at the forefront of real estate technology.  We invest heavily in training and have an extensive database of contacts and genuine buyers at our fingertips to ensure our clients have every advantage in the marketplace.

We became involved with the Bluebird community through our meeting with Jenny Dugard.  Her energy and passion around her exercise business caught my attention and when Jenny went on to explain her reasons and motivation in creating The Bluebird Community and  the benefits that can achieved from integrating her experience and knowledge in the exercise group business with the benefits that can be received from exercise for women with  PND, I knew we had to get involved.  We are proud to say we are involved in the Bluebird Community.

If you would like to get involved with The Bluebird Community in any way please get in touch with me here. 
We are always on the look out for new sponsors to enable us to help more women and to create new partnerships with like minded businesses and professionals.

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