Friday, May 18, 2012

FYSB2 Before and After AND Q&A with our winner Caroline

 Today we chat to Caroline - overall winner of our Find Your Summer Body - 8 Week Challenge -  Round 2

What initially made you sign up to the 8 Week Challenge?  

It seamed do-able.  Eight weeks is a long time but I felt I could commit to it.  At the same time, I felt it was long enough to make a big difference.

What were your initial goals and did you think you would reach them?

I wanted to lose 4 kilos, punch-out 12 push-ups on my toes and get my timed run time down by 20 seconds.  I felt they were realistic and I smashed two out of three (I only shaved 15 seconds off my timed run, despite trying my absolute hardest my legs just couldn't go any faster)

What were the easiest and most challenging aspects?

Surprisingly, the detox was much easier than I imagined.  I could feel it working so I was motivated to keep going.  My energy levels in the evening was the most challenging part. I was exhausted from all the training and found myself going to bed early most nights.

What were your favorite and least favorite bits?

My favorite bit was putting me first.  For the 8 weeks, my training and diet took priority over almost everything else. As a mum, that's a real treat.  My lease favorite bit was losing weekend lie-ins.  That was my husbands least favorite bit too as he was on "Hazel duty" while I trained.

How many sessions per week did you exercise to achieve your goal?
For the most part, I did four sessions a week. Two during the week, and both weekend sessions. 

Did you have to change your diet a lot?

Yes.  For some meals, it was just small changes like swapping low-fat flavored yogurt for natural yogurt topped with home-stewed fruit.  For other meals, like lunch, I got into the habit of making a salad every day and avoiding the bread and cheese.  Dinner required some creativity (there's only so many times you can eat fish and salad) so I mastered stir-fries and frittaters
Do you feel like your diet and exercise changes were sustainable?

I'm maintaining most of the changes to my diet though I do allow myself bread as a treat and the odd coffee.  Exercising four times a week was a big commitment so I'm enjoying restful weekends between challenges...

What else did you gain from your challenge experience (apart from diet and exercise)?

A sense of achievement that isn't centered around my family-life, it's something I did by myself. 

What would your advice be to a new mum thinking about doing the challenge?

Be brave and do it. The hardest part is starting and once you're there, you'll enjoy it.  Being trained by friendly and knowledgeable trainers alongside other great mums is so much fun.  I wish I started months earlier...imagine where I'd be now!

Sum up your challenge experience for us

Eight weeks of hard work, changed priorities and focus.  In hindsight, it was so rewarding, motivating and fun!

Here are Caroline's before and after photos

For being our overall winner Caroline receives a Lifestyle Photography Shoot valued at over $900 from Rachel Kara Photographer ( we will be sure you show you her finished pics when they have been taken)

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