Monday, January 24, 2011

Welcome to 2011

I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year, some down time for yourselves and have created lots of happy memories with your family, especially the little people in your life.  Time flies so fast and they grow up so quick and I really tried to take a little step back and immerse myself in my children towards the end of last year and early this year that's why I have been a little absent around here for a while.  We had a wonderful week away at the start of 2011 and this is now week two of being officially back at work. 

Body Beyond Baby is more than just work for me, I love chatting to you all, sharing with you what I have been up to and celebrating our achievements but sometimes you just have to take stock and concentrate on one thing at a time so I am proud to say that my children got lots of mummy time over the break.  It is my goal now to ensure that amongst the juggling act of a working mum I still find time to enter and be present in their world on a regular basis with no other distractions - easier said than done in this fast paced, need everything now, world that we live in.

I have a number of fun and exciting things coming to you in 2011 - here's a sneak peak:

Success stories - Inspiration is a powerful tool and seeing what other mums have achieved can really drive us to get to the next level.  In the upcoming weeks I will be sharing inspiring success experiences from some of our BBB mums.  We will also be welcoming a couple of new guest bloggers on board. If you have a story to share I would love to hear from youy

February see's the start of SUGAR FREE feb - from the 1st of February we will be giving up sugar for the whole month (it's a short month so even easier).  Kick start or put the accelerator on your health goals for this year and join us in breaking the sugar habit, cleansing your insides and loosing a few kilos after the crazy season.  The first few days can be tough but you will break the habit, you will feel better and you will see results - to top it off this time round  we are doing it for charity so there's your community spirit and feel good factor taken care of too.  Stay tuned for how to register.

Boxing Fridays are back - As of March we will be welcoming on board a new trainer and seeing the start to our popular boxing classes.  I have begun working with Hannah already and I am very excited about the freshness and energy she will bring to your sessions.  As a mother of two she knows only too well how important (yet challenging) it can be to take care of mum.  Get in touch now to reserve your spot in our boxing sessions.

September brings the Blackmores Bridge Run - with races for everyone bring the family and run or walk across the Harbor Bridge in the 4km fun run or challenge yourself by picking either the 9km, 21km or 42km races. You now have plenty of warning and time to build up your fitness level to be ready for September.

Here's to a fantastic 2011 glad you are on board for the ride.

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