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SUGARFREEfeb - Getting started *guest blog special*

We are all gearing up for the start of SUGARFREEfeb tomorrow and a few mums have started to ask about alternatives to their everyday foods that contain sugar.  BBB mum, dietitian and nutritionist Marieke Rodenstien shares some of her knowledge with us.

"Would you believe that in 2009 it was estimated that the average person consumes up to 80kg of sugar PER YEAR!! This is up from an average consumption of just 8kg per year in 1800.

Yes, lets face it, we are a nation of sugar addicts and it’s no wonder as sugar has crept into virtually every processed food on the supermarket shelf! From tomato sauce to salad dressing’s, cheese spreads to chips, breads to breakfast cereals and even infant formula! Read the ingredients list and you are almost guaranteed to find sugar in some form or another.

So, I know what you are thinking “how can I possibly eliminate sugar from my diet when so many foods contain it?” Well, the answer is simple - EAT WHOLE AND MINIMALLY PROCESSED FOODS!

What are whole and minimally processed foods? Any food that is, or is close to, its natural whole form (eg brown rice vs white rice, wholemeal bread vs white bread, whole oats vs oat bran/flakes/pops, butter vs margarine, natural full cream yogurt vs low fat flavored yogurt, a whole apple vs reconstituted apple juice etc etc).

What to buy

To help you get started here are some sugar free items to add to your shopping trolley:
(available at most Coles and Woolworths supermarkets)
-    Jalna Biodynamic full cream yoghurt (this is also the best yoghurt to give to your children)
-    True Organic butter
-    True Organic cheddar cheese
-    goats milk feta cheese
-    frozen berries
-    organic free range eggs
-    Mountain Bread Organic Wholemeal wraps
-    Bills Organic Medium Rye Sourdough bread
-    raw nuts (almonds, walnuts brazil nuts etc)
-    raw seeds (sunflower, pumpkin and sesame seeds)
-    whole oats
-    hummus (best brands: Mum’s Choice and Pilpel)
-    brown rice
-    fresh vegetables
-    fresh fruit (best choices: low sugar varieties such as lemons, limes, grapefruit, green apples and berries).
-    free range organic chicken
-    organic lamb
-    organic beef
-    tinned tuna and salmon in springwater
-    tomato paste (add to sautéed tomato’s with garlic and fresh basil to make your own pasta and tomato sauce)

What to eat

Stuck for ideas on what to eat during meal times? Try out some of the meal ideas listed below.


Forgo the processed sugar laden breakfast cereals (yes, this includes Weet Bix!) and diet yoghurts and opt for one of the following:

•    A bowl of homemade bircher muesli - soak muesli made with whole oats, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, almonds and walnuts overnight in water (just enough to cover) and a little lemon juice (soaking grains, nuts and seeds makes them much easier to digest). Serve with natural full cream yoghurt, a sprinkle of cinnamon and some grated green apple or berries.

•    A bowl of natural full cream yoghurt with fruit (eg berries) and some nuts and/or seeds

•    Eggs (poached, boiled or scrambled) served with some raw vegetables such as avocado and tomato and/or sautéed vegetables such as spinach and mushrooms

•    A mini omelet with lots of vegetables (eg onion, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, spinach) and topped with some fresh herbs and a little feta cheese.


Ditch the white bread and opt for one of the following:

•    Mountain Bread wholemeal wraps, wholegrain/rye sourdough bread or sprouted essene bread (available at organic stores) with some protein (eg tinned tuna or salmon, left over chicken or lamb, egg) and vegetables (eg avocado, cucumber, tomato, grated carrot, rocket).

•    Large salad with protein (eg tinned tuna or salmon, left over chicken or lamb, egg) and vegetables (eg avocado, cucumber, tomato, grated carrot, rocket), topped with some feta cheese and toasted pine nuts.

•    Brown rice sushi (homemade or bought)

•    Large bowl of homemade soup (eg leftover from the night before)


Skip the potatoes and opt for a salad or steamed/stir fried vegetables with your meat or fish.

Be sure to check back next week for tips on how to nip those pesky sugar cravings in the bud!

All the best!"

Marieke Rodenstein
Dietitian & Nutritionist
The Nutrition Practice
0450 458 549 (soon to be launched)

So there you have it ladies - it's not going to be that hard after all - think simple and natural and you will be on the right track..... thanks Marieke.

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