Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Move for your mind

Wow - how time flies and what a roller coaster ride the last few weeks have been.  Totally up and down adjusting to life with a much more vocal little baby than the first time around - they really are individuals and this really is a new experience.  It may be second time around which many say is easier than the first but I am actually finding it much more difficult - I am more tired, more emotional and busier.  Just getting to the finish line some days feels huge especially when it becomes ever elusive with settling and patting and rocking and..... you know the drill. This little angel is keeping me on my toes and continually challenging my mummy skills (which I often feel are incredibly lacking) how can a person so small have such a big impact?

Exercise exercise exercise - over the last two weeks has been my savior.   That and having my mum arrive from the UK - timed perfectly with a two year old with a broken leg...poor little man and poor mummy - these things often impact most on their carers and make life that extra bit of a challenge.  Back to it!  If you are feeling low you must break the downward cycle that makes you want to move less and less.  That sees life with a newborn become blurry through your tears and the tired fog.  I know that my body is made to move and those overwhelming fist few weeks of non exercise took its toll - I need to move to feel good.  So for the next 5 weeks that my mum is here I am out exercising everyday - it will save my sanity and get me on track for my body beyond baby journey.

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