Monday, September 27, 2010

Kick off, Body Composition and measurements

Here I am - India is 9 weeks old and I am mentally ready to kick off and commit to getting my body back in shape and do something for myself.  I am well aware this time around that it might not be as easy as the first time - there are a lot more logistical challenges and part of my planning and making sure I can stay in track is exactly that: planning.

Last night whilst feeding India I started to jot down on a piece of paper what my ideal week would look like and I have started to put together my 'perfect week'.  Now again, with two children in tow I know this won't always go to plan but I have much more chance of it happening than if I didn't plan it at all.  I also struggle at times to juggle children and work, keeping our home in a half presentable state, planning and preparing meals and everything else that i am sure you are all too familiar with so organising my week in such a structured manner will hopefully help with that also. So my first piece of advice to you - if you want to reclaim your body, look and feel great you must plan for it - put it into your week as you do a hair cut or your child's swimming lessons and then commit to it - I'm guessing you wouldn't be likely to cancel their swimming lesson to catch up with a friend or if you just didn't feel like it - you commit to your children so you must commit to yourself.  You deserve it and only that way will you stay on track with your health and fitness goals.
It is also important to document where you start so you can track your progress - let's have a look at my updated body composition scan and measurements.

Body Composition - this will be done every four weeks and is a true representation of my progress

Latest scan 23rd September 2010
Body Fat % = 30%
Total Body Weight = 61.8kg
Fat Mass = 18.5kg
Lean Body Mass = 40.9kg

5th August 2010 (first post baby scan)
Body Fat % = 30.5%
Total Body Weight = 64.1kg
Fat Mass = 19.5kg
Lean Body Mass = 42.1kg

Measurements and weight on MY home scales - this will be done weekly on a Monday to track more regular progress

27th September 2010
Weight = 60.1kg
Chest = 97.8cm
Waist (the smallest part) = 77.3cm
UM (the bit around the belly button and where we store lots of fat) = 89.3cm
Hips = 99.2cm
Right Thigh = 54.1cm
Left Thigh = 54.7cm

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