Thursday, September 30, 2010

Early morning run

Wow, what a busy day - I am absolutely exhausted and really should be in bed by now, its almost 10pm and Ive been on the go all day so I am going to keep it short and sweet.  My day started with an early morning run as my mum who is here form England and staying just next door agreed to come in at 6am to be with Marley and India while I went out for a a little while.  I must make the most of it while she is here as my husband is away and soon mum will be gone and it will be back to trying to fit exercise around the kids or taking them with me.  I am totally aware how much of a luxury exercise alone can be so I intend on doing it as much as I can before she leaves.  Thank you mum for getting out of bed so early so I could get out and do something for myself - it is much appreciated.

So I Pod in hand, runners on a headed out of the door - I find running gives me such a great head space, its almost like the world opens up and although i am feeling quite a lot heavier at the moment whilst running there is still a sense of lightness and free movement.  Don't get me wrong it is tough at the moment, really tough especially if there is even the slightest of inclines but it feels so good to be moving in that way again, getting my heart rate up and working hard.  I get to think or not think which is awesome in itself and if I need inspiration I find running around streets that I know have really beautiful big houses spurs me on and motivates me to expand and work on my business.  One of my personal goals is to buy a home in the Eastern suburbs with a garden for the children to enjoy while they are still children and can appreciate it, run around in it and have an outdoor space to play freely in. 

Okay, its now 10pm and I really must get to bed, I have a 7.15am appointment with the gym in the morning

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Alison P said...

That is inspirational Jenny, suppose if you really want it to happen you will make it happen.