Thursday, August 19, 2010

Exercsie makes you feel good

What a roller coaster the last couple of weeks have been.  I was going to write yesterday in the depths of my despair but I couldn't bring myself  to share such a shocking day with anyone. My day started well, the plan was to walk with India while Ben took Marley to Gymbaroo (he started work late yesterday) - perfect, only one child to get out of the house - hmmmmmm..... It started with my hat that had broken and I needed a safety pin to fix it, simple problem right?? Nooooo..... I couldn't find the sewing box which meant I couldn't fix my hat which meant I couldn't get out of the door - how can something so dumb and so trivial set the day into such a downward spiral?  By this time I only had 45mins left before India's next feed and it all seemed way too hard to get out of the door - consequently I didn't make it out of my PJ's at all yesterday.

Ben was wonderful, brought  Marley home, gave him lunch and tucked him in for his afternoon nap but no sooner had the door closed behind him than my littlest angel (who had slept soundly all morning) decided to wake and cry, and cry and wake and feed and feed some more and.............mummy needs a REST!!!  But is wasn't to be, little India, beautiful India had other ideas and they all involved me not getting MY afternoon nap, which despite seemingly doing nothing all morning I was very much in need of.  The upside of this story, where I spent the best part of 12 hours attached to my child, is that once finally settled at 12.30am (by Daddy of course - I had no hope) was that she slept until 7am this morning!!!  I am not quite sure if the hours of upset (both hers and mine) were worth the 6 1/2  hours of unbroken sleep but I will take them and recognise that I feel MUCH better this morning and ready to face a new day.

So here is that new day - the sun is shining and I have managed to get out to do some exercise already.  I hit Coogee steps again and knocked 2mins off my Sunday time - 216steps x 5 in 28'29" woohoo! and I feel so much better, it's like if I get moving in the morning then my day is on the up - if I don't.....well, we only have to look at yesterday.  Mood is a huge thing for me at the moment - with Marley I expected to be a little up and down afterward and nothing came - I was pleasantly surprised but this time is a totally different story, the ups are there but the downs; they feel low - I have been on that roller coaster ride before and I know to keep an eye on how I am feeling and I also know that exercise plays a huge part in my being at the top of my game rather than the bottom. So on those days that I am feeling low I know I have to try and get out of the door and get myself moving......more easy said than done.....I'll let you know how I go with that!

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