Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 8

So I just sat on the floor and cried – today is Monday, India is one week and one day old.  Marley has gone off to spend the day with his Mamour (my husband’s mother) happily saying ‘bye bye Mummy’ as he left knowing that he had her undivided attention for the whole day.  I had decided that today was to be my ‘get on track’ day – I organised to go for a walk around Centennial Park with my best friend and I was feeling pretty positive about bundling India into the car, off to the park and tucking her into the baby bjorn as I eased back into exercise again – nothing too strenuous, just a walk.  And then it started to rain and my walk got drowned in the raindrops and my mood and energy seems to have sunk with it.  Maybe it was the prospect of having an adult to chat with just as much as the walk that I feel let down by – I could still go but the thought of getting organised and out to the car only for the rain to potentially get heavier fills me full of dread.  And with a tint baby in tow that is already suffering the consequences of having an older brother with a cold, poor baby – I feel guilty and want to protect her from everything.  My body is aching to be moving again and my mind  is aching to move it – patience is a virtue and I tell my clients everyday that they have to listen to their body AND their energy levels – my energy is low but I know with movement would come energy and it can only get me on the right track.  I will try again tomorrow.

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