Monday, August 9, 2010

Biz's Body Composition - a closer look

Biz has come to the end of her body beyond baby blogging journey.  She aimed to reach her goal of 61kg and 28% Body Fat by the time she left on her holiday to Spain.  She has well and truly reached this goal and  managed to get even further!  Let’s take a look at her actual facts and figures from the last few months:

Date              Body Fat %   Body weight  Fat Mass  Lean Body Mass 

10th March      31.9%           66.8kg             21.3kg       43.3kg                 
28th April         29%              64.6kg            18.7kg       43.6kg                 
24th June         25.2%            61.7kg            15.5kg       43.9kg                 
19th July          23.8%            60.4kg            14.4kg       43.8kg    

You can see that Biz has passed her Body Fat % goal by a whopping 4.2% and also dropped an additional kg.  These results show you how important it is to know your body composition and not just your body weight.  Your body weight is made up of fat mass AND lean body mass (along with some water, bones, blood etc) and we want to make sure that when you are losing 'weight' it is body fat that you are dropping and not lean muscles mass.  Biz managed to maintain her lean body mass whilst steadily dropping both fat mass and body fat % - the perfect combination which can only be done by maintaining a resistance (weights) program along with cardio training and a consistently healthy diet. 

If you haven't done already read through Biz's journey, especially her last blog post which is a great summary in the ups and downs that have challenged her along the way.  Biz' husband, Manel, had been working away from home for much of the last few months leaving her with two small boys along with a diagnosis of PND which all put together provided a good few hurdles for her to overcome in order to reach her goals.  Exercise though is one of those things that once on a roll can actually help in keeping all of the pieces of the puzzle we call family life on track - allowing a little self maintenance time for mum can enable you to stay on top of all of the other demands that motherhood brings. 

A big congratulations Biz - enjoy your holiday and I look forward to you rejoining our group sessions once you get back.

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