Friday, February 19, 2010

Fitness Test 2010

Hi guys - this is where you will become introduced to some inspiring mums, see how they discover their body beyond baby and be inspired to do the same. After taking you through my own post baby body journey I want you to know that you too can look and feel fantastic so I aim to bring you more examples of wonderful dedicated women who know that they have to look after number one in order to be the best possible mummy they can be AND want to look and feel great!

I will start off by bringing you the fitness test results of the mums in my Body Beyond Baby group exercise sessions (where we have nannies to look after your babies) and we will track their progress as the weeks go by.

If you are a dedicated mum who wants to share your Body Beyond Baby journey through my blog please contact me at and be sure to check out my web page

See you soon!

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