Monday, October 10, 2011

Introducing Cathy

We have embarked upon our 8 week challenge - we have 54 dedicated women who have all made the decision to put their health and fitness at the top of their agenda for at least the next 8 weeks.  I have invited a couple of these inspiring mums to share their journey with you, first up I'd like to introduce you to Cathy.

Cathy has been training with Body Beyond Baby for the last couple of  months and jumped at the opportunity to join the challenge.  It is obvious to see Cathy is on a personal mission - she is determined to make changes to her body and get back in shape.   She is strong and has a sound base on which to build.  Cathy also has a great sense of humor and often has me giggling at her comments and remarks during sessions.  I am very much looking forward to what Cathy will achieve over the coming weeks.  Here's a little intro from the woman herself:

 "I had a great pregnancy but the whole idea freaked me out so much. The life I had been living up until that point was about to change dramatically.  To cope, I totally indulged myself but figured it took nine months to get that big that I'd give myself nine months to lose it. No problem! (How wrong could I be?)

12 months after Milla was born and I was still hiding in loose clothing and feeling so lacklustre it was high time to get my act together.  My body has done everything I have asked of it but I really needed to start taking much better care of it if I was to lead an active life with my new daughter and family.

I love going to yoga and pilates, I would regularly go for long power walks and soft sand shuffles but things weren't shifting in the way I thought they would.

The only way I could see things working was if I dedicated time in my schedule (which as a freelancer there is no real structure) and stuck with it.  Luckily I came across Jen's website, Body Beyond Baby which seemed perfect for me. It was outdoors which I love and had nannies- perfect!

My first session was a huge reality check and I actually, literally almost fainted! My friends know that I'm not a big fan of running so when (for a warm up) we were asked to run around the oval I think my jaw must have hit the floor.  For the next three days my body was sore but I was feeling so motivated and empowered by doing something good for myself that I signed up for more.

So here I am, on the 8 week challenge and I have a few personal goals I'd like to shoot. Obviously weight loss is a high priority for my health but also I want to be able to enjoy exercising more.  The hardest part is just showing up, the rest of the time flies by and I come away feeling great that I have done it and can go on with the rest of my day."

Stay tuned for more of Cathy's "Find Your Summer Body" journey.
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