Friday, March 11, 2011

My Body Beyond Baby 6 months on

India is now 7 months old but I took myself back to Body Composition a few weeks ago (just a week after she turned 6 months) and here are the latest results (with the old ones to follow)

10th February 2011
Body Fat % = 23.4%
Total Body Weight = 56.3kg
Fat Mass = 13.2kg
Lean Body Mass = 40.7kg

27th October 2010
Body Fat % = 28.3%
Total Body Weight = 59.9kg
Fat Mass = 16.9kg
Lean Body Mass = 40.5kg

23rd September 2010
Body Fat % = 30%
Total Body Weight = 61.8kg
Fat Mass = 18.5kg
Lean Body Mass = 40.9kg

5th August 2010 (first post baby scan)
Body Fat % = 30.5%
Total Body Weight = 64.1kg
Fat Mass = 19.5kg
Lean Body Mass = 42.1kg

Things have definitely moved in the right direction and I can really feel my pre baby clothes starting to fit properly, not in that 'slightly snug' manner that they do for a while after you've had a baby.  The weight isn't shifting quite as quickly as it did after Marley - the results below show where I was at Christmas time in 2008:

12th December 2008
Body Fat % = 22.5%
Total Body Weight = 55.3kg
Fat Mass = 12.4kg
Lean Body Mass = 40.6kg

 As you can see I was in better shape then a good couple of months earlier than I am nowThough what is interesting is that I feel I am more relaxed and possibly more confident in my body now than I was after Marley even though at that time I felt more relaxed than before I had him.  Its a transition and the biggest shift is in the respect I have for my body, what it has done, how it has transformed and how I can train it to go back or even maybe improve on what it was before children..... it's a journey and I am enjoying the ride and am busy planning my next challenge!  I'll take a photo over the weekend and pop it up here next week....enjoy your weekend.

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