Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Nurture the Body that Nutures your Baby

No matter what kind of mum you are or what kind of parenting techniques you use we all have one thing in common - we want to be the best possible parent we can for our children.  This starts in pregnancy, often even before conception when we devour book after book about how to prepare our body for best for birth, what foods to eat what exercise to do, what vitamins to take...the list is endless.  We read books on the development of our babies as they grow inside us, then we start on the techniques, theories and ideas on how best to parent them, how to teach them to sleep, when they should eat, how often they should poo....what this means.... what that means and it goes on......   All the while we are still pregnant and making sure we are taking care of the vessel which is currently carrying them - you.  You prepare your meals with care making sure you include all of the valuable food groups, you rest regularly, you have your personal trainer or pilates instructor firmly scheduled into your diary and life is great - nurturing and loving your baby through your care for your body.

Then your beautiful baby arrives and everyone's focus is on this little bundle of joy but no one has more focus than you, no one could care more about doing the right thing for them than you and so you continue to devour books, ask questions, fret over the right things or the wrong things, worry if they are sleeping too much, eating too little or haven't poo'ed for two days.  Your baby is loved, nurtured and cared for in every way you see possible.  

The difference is now your baby is outside of your body, you don't have the determination, drive or energy to focus on you any more.  There is no time when this little person is so demanding and so important.  But what you forget is that the body that once carried this little baby internally is now the lifeline that carries them externally.  Your whole life is centered around them and will continue to be for the next 18-20 (or more!!) years in one way or another.  You are the foundation by which they will learn life, be nurtured and grow into this world.  Your health and wellbeing has NEVER been so important.

Many new mothers I meet are doing the most physical job they have EVER done in the most physically de- conditioned state they have ever been in.  Add to this tiredness, being constantly on call and not managing to eat before lunch time and you have a recipe for disaster. 

I truly believe there has never been a better time to teach mothers how important it is to look after themselves, to be fit, healthy and strong for the benefit of their children.  I work with mums on a daily basis and I know that when they change their outlook and attitude to focus on living a healthier and more active life their children benefit hugely.  From new mums who need to create a circle of energy creates energy and to allow themselves to once again nurture and look after themselves through regular exercise, healthy eating and time for themselves to mums with toddlers or older children who see huge improvements in behavior by changing their child's diet along with their own.

You, mum, are the building block of your family, your influence is second to non and by remembering to fit your own oxygen mask first your whole family will reap the rewards.  

Happy, Healthy Mummy = Happy, Healthy Family

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