Monday, October 29, 2012

Challenge within a Challenge - Two Weeks of Sugar Free

For those of you doing our Find Your Summer Body - 8 Week challenge you will know that weeks 4-6 are our SUGAR FREE weeks.  Going sugar free is a great way to completely get rid of the junk from your diet and also assess how much sugar you eat in your everyday foods AND how much sugar your children might be consuming without really realising.

And for those of you not doing the challenge you are more than welcome to join us for our two weeks of sugar free.
You may already be almost sugar free within your current challenge but lets take it to the next level and really make sure we know how much sugar you consume on a daily basis (in various forms) By eliminating it from your diet, along with continuing on your path of regular exercise you  leave yourself open to even more fantastic results

Starting on the 29th October we will remove all sugar from our diets.

This means:

No alcohol

No cakes, chocolates, pastries, ice creams, soft drink

No Fruit juices, boost juices, smoothies, milk shakes

No white potato

No sugar in tea or coffee

No sweetened yogurt

No dried fruit

1-2  pieces of fruit per day only

 1 slice of wholegrain bread per day maximum

1 cup of cooked pasta per serve a maximum of once per week

You will continue to lose weight within these two weeks and by removing sugar from your diet you will curb the cravings that lead to more cravings, breaking the vicious cycle.  You will see how with a little thought it is possible to eat completely sugar free (and how much food contains sugar!!!)

By the end of these two weeks, you will have confirmed your habits that see you;

Drink tea and coffee without sugar

Only drink alcohol once or a maximum of twice per week

Only eat sweets once or a maximum of twice per week

Learn that meals should be made up of large amounts of non root vegetables

Treat pasta or rice as a accompaniment to a meal, not the main part of the meal

Never drink soft drinks

Avoid boost and other blended drinks

Learn that dried fruit is not a health food

Choose lower sugar yogurts

If you are doing the challenge this IS part of your challenge period and HIGHLY recommended.  I also highly recommend it to all of you not doing the challenge but wanting to set yourself an achievable goal in the lead up to summer and see some great results.

So who’s in?

Because we are doing this for just TWO weeks - I encourage you to have NO cheat or free pass days - make the decision, stick t it and reap the rewards.

Be honest with yourself. You made the decision to commit to this challenge and your two sugar free weeks so let's stay on track.

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