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Watch Your Winter Waistline - Final Four Week Goals

At the start of this week, with four weeks of our 12 week challenge to go I asked everyone to give me their CRAZY goals for the next 4 weeks - 4 weeks is a great amount of time to make some awesome changes.  Everyone has done so well over the last 8 weeks the plan is to end on a HUGE high and achieve things you didnt think possible.  Here is a summary of all of the goals posted on our Watch Your Winter Waistline Facebook group.  If your name is on this list check in often, review and stay focused!!!

JasGrain free & sugar free (including alcohol except for anniversary dinner next weekend) for the next 4 weeks, aiming to lose 4kg and add another set of stairs to 6. Wish me luck ;)

Goal : run 2 x cent pk / 7km & lose 3kgs
How : run 2 x week - start with 4km and increase by 1km every week & continue with sugarfree
When : tues & thurs morning

Ok here goes, to do a tour de east (my cycling route I haven't done since having's pretty hilly and includes the gap) once a week and get in a 100km ride within the next 4 weeks.

I'm going to aim to match my first 4 week weight loss of 3kg. That would mean I beat my original goal by 1kg. Think it means getting back on to foodlog!

I have a pair of pants in my wardrobe i have not been able to wear for years. I want to wear them again! 3 kilo loss needed :)

Sally G
Well, u asked for crazy goals, so here I go...
Lose 2kg
Run one lap of centennial without stopping halfway round feeling like I'm going to die (I know Farrah.. U will be running rings around me!)
40 pushups
And for my final moment of insanity-try to do one lap of Coogee stairs without slowing to a walk

Here goes. I would like to aim for Artificial Sweeter Free August (except for a wedding in the middle), lose another 2 kgs and increase my upper body strength/tone (I am thinking 20 continuous triceps dips - the burn starts at about 8). To do this I am going to add in two extra pram walks a week (hills and chubby baby) and work on the dips each evening.

Sarah H
OK, here are my goals- might sound crazy but mean a lot to me! Run 1 lap centennial without stopping. loose 4 more cm from my hips (and somehow figure out a way to get that 4cm on my boobs!) and fit into the bikini I bought for our holiday in September- top half all good, bit to go on the bottom.....

I just tried my favorite pants on and they do up but still need a bit more to look good. So my goal will be lose 3 more cm from waist and lose 2kg more. Also, I have a regular run that I used to do - takes about 45mins - have not tried this run for over a year. So my other goal is to run that route without stopping....

I'd like to:
1. Lose another 3kg
2. Run a lap of Centennial without stopping (I did it yesterday and only stopped twice, briefly!)
3. Fit into my favorite clothes in my 'pre-preggie' suitcase up on the shelf!

1. I'm doing grain free after today (have to go shopping)
2. Doing an extra 2 runs a week around Centennial

OK. 2 more kgs weight loss and to jog up the "stair" sections of the Coogee Steps (walking the flat sections). I would love to get my 6 stair laps under 30mins but I think it's a bit of a stretch as I'm going to miss 2 out of the final 4 step sessions when I'm out of town.

Lose another 2-3 kilos and continue to improve my fitness so I can run a lap of Centennial easily. How - do as much training as I can possibly fit in, whilst being a working mum flying solo with two kids under 5 for the next 4 weeks - aim to add a stairs session and a centennial park lap run to the two group sessions each week.

OK, in the next 4 weeks... I am going to aim to lose another 2kg and be able to do 6 laps of the stairs in under 30mins. I am going to try and stay sugar free (had a bad w/e and feeling guilty) and go for a run at least once a week as well as my regular sessions (sounds easy but find it difficult with 3 kids and a husband who works long hours), would love to say I will try and run a lap of centennial but not sure about that! We will see...

Emma B
OK, I am aiming to lose another 2kg (then should be just under my target weight) and still aiming to do 30mins running without stopping. Maybe I should make Centennial my goal as well - my sister will want to do some running so we can go together. Complete 6 laps of the steps. After a very bad weekend at the conference, good diet choices this week are the go and try not to be derailed by entertaining sis while she's over here. Last one - do more pushups on toes at the sessions. My goal of 10 on toes looks a long way off!
I should also dig out my wild girl party jeans and see if I can squeeze into them...

Lose 3 kilos and go to Bali in the middle of it without undoing all my work!

If we're talking audacious goals, lose another 4 kilos and run centennial twice without stopping. Eek! Going to go gluten-free for four weeks and stay off sugar and alcohol - apart from tonight. Couldn't do another dinner with in-laws sober. :)

So, my ultimate goal when I joined BBB was to get to 'wedding day' weight. I'm about 2 kgs off that goal so this is it. Single-minded goal, and will

I am looking to lose 2-3 kgs over the next 4 weeks. How I will do this: use food log, increase protein, decrease sugar/carbs, watch portion sizes and lastly utilize opportunities to increase exercise.

My goal is to improve my diet so that I can lose about 2 kgs

Have been thinking about my 4 week goal and have decided to continue with sugar free and also to get my belly flatter. Want to get it down to at least 68cm. Currently if I recall correctly its about 74.5cm (I think, can't exactly remember my Sunday measurement). Hope I can get the belly down that much in 4 weeks. Sounds a little too much cm's to lose in a short time. Let's see how I go.

Give up sugar and step up the exercise - two runs on top of my BBB sessions.  Doesn't sound that crazy but it will be a challenge for me at the moment.

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