Friday, November 5, 2010

NOsugarVEMBER added challenge

It's Friday and this is my challenging day - normally I get through most of the week with no chocolate and treats and then come Friday its on - I head up to Bondi Junction to the Chocolate shop and treat myself to some of their yummy selection.  I get about 5 or 6 then pop them in the fridge ready for my enjoyment that evening.....not today!  I have a feeling there is going to be something missing when I sit down to relax this evening.  But seriously, how many of you now realise just how much of our food contains sugar?  From tomato sauce and baked beans to muesli and rice crackers!  It's insane and can't be doing us good.... a friend recently sent me this link to Gwyneth Paltrow's blog and her most recent post on sugar and sugar addiction......

And here's an added challenge for part of my own training some of you may be aware that I head to a rather large set of steps (216 in all) on Sunday mornings.  I am often joined by one or two others and we train hard for 30mins or sometimes even less!  The original goal was to see how many lots of steps we could do in 30mins and most of us averaged 5 lots in that 30mins to begin with.  Now we are getting fitter and faster our times are improving and we are now getting closer to 20mins for 5 lots....almost time to add another lot making it 6 in 30mins.

If you live in Sydney and can make it to Coogee I challenge you to come and join us.  This is part of my own training so although I will be there to spur you on I won't be 'training you' and therefore there is no cost to join me.  You will be training alongside me and it is always great to have a training partner or ten!  What I would ask is that you purchase one of my latest T-shirts or singlets (available very soon and will feature the slogan 'I am proud of my Body Beyond Baby' - place your order now) and wear it to the training session.  It would be awesome to get a big group of mums (and friends and partners) all doing Sunday morning steps, all trying to better our last and best time each weekend.

Remember it is important to keep challenging yourself to see results - training in a group and setting mini goals like this is a great way of maintaining intensity and not falling into the daily grind of the same old exercise routine.  If you're not in Sydney or can't join us set your own Sunday morning challenge, find some steps, do some beach sprints, bike ride, whatever you want to do to get you moving and get you working hard and that you can keep challenging yourself with.  THEN grab a T-shirt and a friend and get cracking.... don't forget to send me a photo..... I would love to see what your Sunday morning challenge entails and to see you proudly wearing your Body Beyond Baby top.

I'll leave you with a couple of very glamorous pics from one of my recent
workouts for a little inspiration (and a giggle)

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Heatlhy Kids Eat Plants said...

Can't wait to see the tops! We should ALL be very PROUD of our beyond-baby- bodies. We made a baby!.. I know I'm proud! :-)

Jen Dugard said...

Me too - I'll have to put one in the mail for you :)