Friday, November 19, 2010

Feel Good Friday - The Husband Challenge

As women we have a knack of picking our bodies to pieces and often focusing on the bits that we don't like or that we would like to change.  Today's Feel Good Friday is about showing us that our bodies are beautiful and that we should be proud of our baby making bodies.

So today everyone can win - all you need is the help of your husband, partner or other close friend.  I want you to ask them to list ten things they love about your body in no particular order.  You don't get to question their answers, don't dissect them, just accept and move away from any self doubt or self criticism for a moment.  Your husbands and partners have a way of looking at you in a different light, they love your body wobbly bits and all so relish the moment and feel fantastic about your body.

To get us started I sent my husband a text to share with me ten things he loves about my body - his reply made me question (to myself and just for a moment before putting it aside) then smile and feel warm and happy that my husband loves my body and that I should too.

This was his answer

1. Your shoulders
2. Your hair when its out and messy
3. Your arms
4. Your calves
5. Your boobs (it takes much willpower not to make some smart arsed comment about breastfeeding and socks but I won't - I will accept that my husband loves them no matter what)
6. Your neck when your hair is up
7. Your tummy - even straight after baby (his words)
8. Your bum
9. Your grin
10. And last but not least your sweet little (picture of a flower......we will leave that right there)

And so as simply as that, through a simple exchange with a significant person in your life you can shed a new light on yourself and if you truly accept these compliments we should all be feeling great this Friday.  What are you waiting for text away - if you don't do it now the moment will pass and besides it's a nice text to receive the reply from and you can revisit it whenever you need.

If you're in the mood for sharing please feel free to post your responses in the comments area below.

Enjoy your Friday x

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