Tuesday, August 4, 2009

This weeks cardio workout

I am running cardio sessions on a Monday morning in Centennial Park so I have decided to bring to you what we did for this week then if you missed the session or are doing your own cardio at the moment you can try it out and mix things up a little. Here it is:

Steps and laps

We used the steps near the children's playground at the Oxford Street (Paddington) gates in Centennial Park. If you are not in this area or these steps are not convenient find a decent set of steps you can run up and down.

Run up the steps hitting every step each time
Run up the steps hitting every other step each time

Alternate as above doing each exercise five times

Time yourself as you run a lap of about 500m, run at a pace you can sustain for both laps. Make sure you run the second lap as quickly as the first - use your watch.

Complete the above circuits 3 times. Steps then laps is one circuit - this should take you about 30-35 minutes.

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