Friday, January 2, 2009

Introducing Bec

I'd like to introduce you to Bec. Bec is taking part in her own 12 week challenge to discover her post baby body with the added motivation that she is getting married in March this year. Stay tuned to Bec's ups and down, challenges and achievements and come along for the ride. I will still be adding posts of my own so expect some helpful tips coming your way in 2009.

"So here I am finally writing something for a blog I committed to doing sometime ago. I've been a mum for five months and my little boy Hugo is just pure joy. I got back into training about two months after Hugo was born and I am still shocked at how much the baby carrying thing took out of my body. I've always felt strong and upright and all of a sudden I felt like jelly and my posture was hideous.

The Body Beyond Baby training and some extra sessions here and there has really started to make a difference to how I feel, but I wouldn't say I am where I want to be in terms of fitness and body shape. Jen approached me before Christmas and suggested I take on the twelve week body challenge - its a great thing for anyone to do but considering it also happened to be twelve weeks before my wedding it would have been mad to refuse. So I said yes and felt I was on my way...... if only it was that easy. Here I am ten weeks from the big day and I'm only getting started.

I figure new years day is as good as any day to start, and with Christmas, my birthday, New Years and a bout of mastitis behind me I am rearing to go. So my aim from here on in is to really make the challenge work for me and to use this blog as a tool to keep me motivated and accountable.

I'll keep you posted

Bec xxx"

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