Thursday, January 15, 2009

Food Diary

Hey there! Hows your food diary going? Let's look at mine for the last couple of days;


0700 - Few slices of Veggie luncheon (before the gym)

0830 - Muesli, Cottage Cheese, Yogurt and berries

1130 - Protein bar

1300 - Two wraps with beetroot hummus, veggie luncheon, lettuce and tomatoes

1500 - Two veggie sausages

1900 - Omelet with salad, BBQ sauce

1930 - Jelly


0830 - Muesli, Cottage cheese, yogurt and berries

1030 - Two veggie sausages

1230 - Two wraps with veggie luncheon, beetroot hummus, lettuce and tomato

1500 - Protein bar & few pieces dried mango

1900 - Two veggie sausages and salad, a little low fat cheese (no dressing)

1930 - Jelly

Not a bad couple of days - I think I could have eaten a little more, I have been on the run a lot so I need to really concentrate on consuming enough good healthy food.

Jelly is a great dessert. Make sure you buy the low fat low sugar version - Weight Watchers is good. It comes in crystal form and makes 4-5 small tubs. Perfect for that after dinner hit. You can even add a few berries or other fruit depending on the flavor you use. I know it helps me avoiding reaching for the chocolate, well that and the fact that I just don't keep it in the house because it wouldn't last five minutes!!!


sunshine7 said...

Hi Jen,
Ive been folowing your blog for about 8 weeks now and wanted to know what is a safe protein powder to buy. Ive not used this before and was concerned it would build up muscle mass and be high in fat. Im now 9 mths pregnant 38weeks and have been pretty active during the preg (walking 4km each day, pilates 2 times a week) and eating well, however have gained a lot of bub weight and fluid after some kidney problems from 20 weeks. My pre preg weight was 49kg and now im 67.8kg, Dr not bothered, but im feeling challanged!!! let me know what you think and thanks for your blog. You look amazing. What was your pre preg weight and how much did you put on?

Jen Dugard said...

Hi sunshine7

Great to hear from you and I'm glad you've been enjoying the read!

Firstly, well done for maintaining your activity level during your pregnancy, you will find it much easier to commence exercising again following the birth of your baby.

As far as your question about the protein powder goes I wouldn't advise you to begin using it before the birth of your child. You then need to consider whether it is the best option for you once/if you go on to breastfeed. Protein powders are great and definitely have their place, however if you can consume the real thing (i.e meat/fish)it is almost always a better option. I am vegetarian and therefore use protein powders to up my protein intake as I can sometimes struggle to consume enough.

You are correct to question which powders to use as some do contain higher levels of fat and/or sugar. It is always advisable to read the labels. Hydroflow is a great brand for general purposes, it is low in fat and carbohydrates therefore you can add a complex carb to complete the meal or drink it on its own later in the day.

Try not to give yourself a hard time about the extra weight - you will be on the road to re discovering your body soon enough. Keep eating well and exercising, your little one will be here before you know it and you can hit the path with them in toe.

My pre-pregnancy weight was 53.9kg but more importantly my body fat % was 20.2% and my lean body mass 40.6kg. I am not too concerned with getting back to that weight (I am around 55kg now) especially seeing as I am now carrying more muscle than I previously was and muscle weighs more than fat.

I stopped weighing myself towards the end of my pregnancy so I couldn't give you an exact figure but I know it was in the very high 60's if not early 70's!!!

Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy - not long to go! Let me know when you're on your own Body Beyond Baby challenge.