Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Hey there, I am back and now have time to scratch myself, its amazing how one little person can add soooooooo much planning a preparation to a trip. He did however sleep for 4 hours of a 5 hour flight, he was an angel! I am now sitting in the lounge room of my in-laws, Marley is tucked up in bed though I am expecting him to wake at any moment and I am reflecting upon the last 12 weeks. I should begin of course with filling you in on my last scan results:

Current as at 12th December 2008

Total Body Weight: 55.3kg

Body Fat : 22.5%

Fat Mass: 12.4kg

Lean Body Mass: 40.6kg

11th November 2008

TBW: 57.2kg

BF: 23.5%

FM: 13.4kg

LBM: 41.4kg

8th October 2008

TBW: 57.7kg

BF: 26.4kg

FM: 15.2kg

LBM: 40.4kg

17th September 2008

TBW: 58.6kg

BF: 27.2kg

FM: 15.9kg

LBM: 40.4kg



BF: 20%

FM: 10kg

LBM: 42.7kg or above

So there you have it – am I happy with where I have ended up? I am both happy and slightly frustrated but having learnt a valuable lesson. You can see that my Total Body Weight has continued to fall – this I am happy with, especially when you can see I have lost Body Fat, HOWEVER at my November scan I had lost BF and gained muscle. I had my eye on my food intake and know I was spot on with what I was eating, when and how much – I made sure I was consuming enough. This month’s scan shows me that having taken my eye off the ball just slightly when it comes to food I have lost muscle mass. I’m not eating crap or doing anything drastically wrong I am just not eating the volume of food required to gain muscle. I had increased my cardio slightly which may be a contributing factor but in general it comes down to the amount of food, especially protein which I need to eat. You know how life gets busy – babies come first and mum’s lunch is sometimes just thrown together. This is a perfect example that preparation is the key and also how hard it can be for women to gain large amounts of muscle and end up looking big and bulky. Yes, it is different for everyone, all or our metabolic rates and ability to build muscle are different but those women out there that all afraid to lift weights in the fear that they will turn into Arnold Schwarzenegger fear not – you have to eat A LOT of food to get that way!!! It is however one of the most effective ways of burning FAT – that IS something most of us want to do – lift some weights and burn that fat.

My Goal – I am still 2% BF, +2kg FM and -2kg of LBM away from my ultimate goal but overall I am happy with where I have got to. It has been a great journey, I have really enjoyed those extra hard sessions with Simon and sharing my journey with you. I also know that for me this is a way of life, I eat well and train hard and because my 12 week challenge has ended doesn’t mean that comes to an end. I will continue just as I will continue to clean my teeth morning and night. I am not going to say goodbye as I am going to keep my blog going and keep sharing healthy facts, recipes, tips and advice with you. I will also soon be introducing you to the first of my Body Beyond Baby Blitz candidates who will share with you her journey – her before and after pics and her body composition results. So keep reading and Ill see you soon.

My own ‘after’ shot will be appearing soon.

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