Saturday, December 6, 2008

New York New York

Seven days and counting. We had a little Christmas get together for our apartment block this evening, there's not many places in Sydney that neighbors even speak to each other let alone have a get together so I feel very lucky to have bought into that. As the sun went down and the little breeze came up I felt a little chilly. Wandering indoors to change from shorts to jeans I decided to try on a pair which I bought in New York during September last year - to my amazement I pulled them on and..........they fit, not just over the legs they fastened up too - no muffin top in sight - very happy. I then promptly went downstairs to indulge in some lovely soft cheeses - after all that hard work and 9 months of deprivation I'm sure I deserved it.

I am on the look out for my predecessors - strong determined women to come on board and write about their journey. Its all very well my sharing my journey with you but I still feel there's a bit of the "your a trainer so its easy" mentality. Like something just happens to me that doesn't happen to others. Its hard work and I put in the time and the effort. I am lucky that the exercise comes easy, I love getting to the gym and doing my runs - its part of everyday life, like brushing my teeth - it just gets done. Now I want you to experience it for yourself, to see other women taking control and working towards their goals. Writing about it and sharing for others to see. In 2009 I am introducing my Body Beyond Baby Blitz - this is a 12 week plan to get back in shape, to feel great about yourself and build a strong, resilient body, free from injury and complaints. It will take enthusiasm and commitment, time and energy but it will form patterns and habits that hopefully you will take with you forever. Ones that you will introduce your children to, instilling health, fitness and exercise into their lives from an early age. If you are interested or know someone who fits the bill get in touch - challenge yourself in 2009 and be the person you want to be. Otherwise keep updated on this blog page and meet these fantastic women in 2009.

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