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Mum of The Moment - Meet Belinda

Without our wonderful mums and bubs Body Beyond Baby just would not be.  Each month we like to celebrate your achievements and recognise the hard work that you put into your training and life as a mum.  This month we would like you to meet our Mum of the Moment for April - Belinda.  

Belinda joined Body Beyond Baby for our 2012 Summer Challenge and has made significant progress in her health and fitness.  Belinda has now joined out tough mums training group on Saturday morning.

As a thank you to our Mum of the Moment and a congratulations for all of her hard work, Belinda will receive a $65 gift voucher for Inspired Wellbeing.

Meet Belinda

Tell us a bit about yourself, names of your children, how old they are?

My name is Belinda, mum to 11 month old Josh and step-mum to two older boys.  My husband Alex and I have a very full and enjoyable life raising three very active boys. 

What made you decide to join our Summer Challenge for the first and then second time? 

I had just started with Body Beyond Baby when Jen and Amy were talking about the first summer challenge. Josh was still only young and I wasn't feeling confident about making it to the park that many days a week but I needed to lose a few more kilos so decided to give it a go. I loved to exercise before I had my baby and was really excited that I had found a way to continue post baby. I found that exercise made me happy and set me up for a good day which is what I was needing in those early months.

The first challenge helped me get back into my pre baby skinny jeans. I had enjoyed the positive, inspiring environment so much that when the next one came around it wasn't an option not to sign up. 

Two sessions per week have now turned into 3-4 plus a run on Sundays and I am surprised to find I am the fittest I have ever been. Who ever though that could happen after having a baby?

What has been your Body Beyond Baby highlight so far? 

The highlight so far has been learning how to eat to nourish my body with the energy it needs. I'd always thought all calories were the same but quickly came to learn the role of sugar. The clean eating makes me feel so much better than just the exercise alone. My step children are now very familiar with my view on sugar. They weren't too thrilled as the juice, ice cream and sugar laden snacks disappeared but they are getting used to it. 

What has been your greatest challenge? 

I think I'm about to embark on my greatest challenge yet - the obstacle racing. I'm really not sure if the mud, the wet and the cold are my thing but I'll certainly give it a go. I love to push myself beyond what I think I am capable of in every aspect of my life so I suspect the challenge of the obstacles will appeal to me. Deep down I think I will very quickly become hooked. 

Describe your goal now that you have joined our tough mums training group.

Whilst I've only just started the tough mum training I really enjoy being pushed that bit further. The muscle fatigue the next day is a reminder that I am on my way to getting stronger. I may not be able to do certain exercises yet but I will get there. My goal is to become fitter and stronger and be able to get through an obstacle course.  

What has been your family’s reaction to your new fitness regime?

My husband and I have always been fit and active so I guess it came as no surprise to him that I would continue after having a baby. He enjoyed the healthy dinners I prepared in the weeks of the challenge and as I lost weight, he too lost 10kgs. The boys were not so keen on the lack of sugary treats but as time goes on it becomes less and less of an issue. They don't ask me to buy juice anymore and the oldest enjoys his oats with chia seeds, LSA and banana for  breakfast. 

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