Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Introducing Pronto Pram

Who's car seat or pram doesn't need cleaning?  I know mine are in desperate need and I certainly don't have the time or energy to attack it myself!  Enter Celine from Pronto Pram and her fantastic pram and car seat cleaning business.  Given she joins us on a Sunday to run Coogee steps with us what better fit than for Pronto Pram to be the sponsor of our Sunday steps sessions.  The mum that makes the best improvement on their best time yet wins a pram cleaning voucher from Pronto Pram which includes pick up and delivery.  Maybe I should start running up those steps faster!

Pronto Pram cleaning services offers a unique pick-up drop-off pram and car seat cleaning service to Sydney's eastern suburbs, drop off from outer suburbs welcomed. We use only natural organic products to clean our prams/car seats!

Call Celine on 0415 965492
or check out her facebook page  for more info


Morris said...

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Unknown said...

If you can clean your own car seats, then please do so. You’ll save a lot of money doing that. My family has been cleaning our own car (interiors and exteriors) for a very long time. We save a few bucks, plus it also serves as family bonding time. What you just have to do is to invest in quality cleaning supplies and please…if you don’t want to harm your family, choose natural cleaning supplies.

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