Monday, December 5, 2011

Our Body Beyond Baby Find Your Summer Body winner is....

The Body Beyond Baby 
Find Your Summer Body 2011 winner is:
Sarah Caroll

Sarah lost a total of 10.9kg over period of her 8 Week Challenge, she also lost a total of 61.7cm's from her body including 16.7cm's from her waist and 21.5mm from her abdominal skin fold.  Sarah also achieved a personal goal of hers by completing 10 push-ups on her toes during last weeks testing - Sarah started at the beginning of the challenge by being able to do 16 push-ups on her knees.

Sarah's effort throughout the whole challenge has been unwavering and inspiring and we look forward to seeing what goals she sets for herself next!  Well done Sarah - keep up the amazing work, enjoy your night at the Shangri-La, we can't wait to hear all about it!

Stay tuned this week for the rest of our fantastic Find Your Summer Body - 8 Week Challenge results and achievements.


The Reeds said...

Hi! I just found your blog from a youtube video. I've just discovered I have diastasis recti and I'm almost 5 months pp. I'm sooo discouraged. How much did yours improve and do you think there's hope though I'm so far out. Why don't they educate women about this at the hospital??!
Thanks for any help!

Jen Dugard said...

Hi Georgia,

Welcome to my blog - so glad you found us :)
Having abdominal separation at 5 months pp is not unusual at all, it is what you do next that can help fix it or make it worse. We also look at how deep the separation is, a deeper separation is considered worse than a more shallow one.

I had about a two finger gap after my first baby which completely rejoined (with the right exercises) and now with my second being 17months I have a small gap still right at my navel but it has no depth at all (meaning the muscles and connective tissue are strong.

At this time we want you to be able to activate your transverse abdominals (deepest muscles that act like a corset) without switching on your obliques (responsible for twisting and therefor can pull rectus (your gap) further apart)). Your transverse abdominal are the ones that are going to help to correct your separation.

I am guessing you have watched my videos on checking for separation and activating transverse abdominals - watch this one a few times and really tune into which muscles are working.

You may also consider getting checked out by a women's health physio who has access to real time ultrasound so that she can check how you are activating your abdominal muscles.

There are also a few 'not to do's' when you have separation

Avoid sit ups
Avoid back bends
Avoid any abdominal exercise that causes your tummy to 'peak' in the middle
Roll to the side before you get out of bed rather than levering up.
Be aware of your posture and try on to stand with a sway back and your tummy pushing out.

I hope some of that helps - don't be discouraged, with the correct exercise and patience to allow yourself to rebuild from the inside out it is possible to rebuild your strength, hopefully correct your separation and have you looking and feeling great.

Where are you located Georgia?



The Reeds said...

Jen, Thanks for responding! I am in Texas. I also had an emergency abdominal surgery at 16 weeks pregnant (eek)... So I'm going for an ultrasound at the end of Feb. to see if it's "just" diastasis or an abdominal hernia from the surgery combined with you know... GROWING A BABY. I've watched your videos and follow your blog now and bought some books to try and help. I do the exercises I see but it feels so overwhelming that i can actually make a difference. And at my 6 week appointment I started doing 30 Day Shred EVERY DAY not realizing I was doing more damage than good.. :(

I appreciate your help in this are though. I love being fit and feel inhibited now.

Thanks again!!