Monday, July 12, 2010

Getting back into it

It is nice to be back after finally moving house, which wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I even returned to training earlier than I expected - I craved some physical exercise and time for myself.

Moving house was challening for my fitness and diet but I stayed relatively on track during the process, which included a visit from my mum who isn't the healtiest person around (she considers fruit cake healthy since is contains fruit!). Writing down what I eat continues to be a successful way to eat healthy food and keep track of exercise. It brings it all home when you have it all written down.

Jenny's comment to me a while ago that I would need to exercise 6 days a week to loose the weight I wanted to shed really struck a chord. I thought 2 training sessions a week would be enough but realise that is not the case. In my old home I got into a routine of getting up very early for a walk, but as this is not possible to do in my new place I have had to look at other ways to exercise. Getting into a routine is fundamental in making this happen.

Food wise I am kind of on track but after I organise Zara's meals I have little time or energy to ensure that I am eating the right meals & snacks. It's amazing how we as mothers can neglect ourselves, despite it being so crucial to lead by example.

I look forward to reporting back on what other exericise I managed to schedule into my week. It has been great seeing everyone at training - if only Zara would stay the full hour with the nannies!

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