Monday, July 19, 2010

3am Back & Biceps training!

Well sorry but once again it's been another 3 weeks! And a another crazy 3 weeks at that. My weekend in Melbourne with Manel (and no kids) was really nice, and as it turns out, the quiet before the storm. Since then Alex has been sick most of the time with a bad case of tonsillitis which has dragged on and on. Waking every hour at night in extreme pain has been a killer for me (and him of course) in terms of sleep deprivation. Luckily my sister has been in town and could stay a couple of nights to help share the waking up & resettling. This morning Alex seems to have turned a corner and maybe our life and normal routine might have chance to get back on track...fingers crossed! So with all of that going on, and believe me, it's been unrelenting, there hasn't been much time for anything else, including exercise. I have managed one run per week, but otherwise, my main form of exercise has been upper back & biceps work (and lots of it) while rocking Alex back to sleep on a (very) regular basis...something I don't normally have to do very often. One night while pacing the bedroom & rocking Alex to sleep, I felt a twinge in my lower back. It was a big reminder that during these moments it's especially important to put those pelvic floor & core strength exercises into practice!!!

On the upside, I'm on the homeward run. Manel finishes up his work in Melbourne in 11 days (not that I'm counting!) and then we head to Spain to visit family for a few weeks. So the time frame set for the end of July in terms of weight & fat numbers is almost up, and the good news is that I made it! I reached the goal and now the task is to maintain it! That's my biggest fear.....especially when it comes time to getting back to work in October. I think I'm going to have less time for me, but I will have Manel around, so hopefully it'll all balance out won't be tooooo hard. I hope. As for getting fit enough to run the 9km bridge run in September, I'll keep training and hopefully I'll make it!

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