Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Three Days Untill Bec's Wedding

OMG it’s three days away. Wow, whoever thought it was a good idea to plan a wedding with a baby (me) was a lunatic! Never the less, all is going ahead relatively smoothly and I’m at the stage where I’ve decided whatever isn’t done must not be that important.

Today was my last day at the Body Beyond Baby training before the wedding and having everyone wish me luck and ask to see pictures was really nice. It’s become like a mothers group with purpose for me, and I realised I’ve made some friends while I’ve been getting fit which is a huge bonus.

As of last Saturday I’d lost six and a bit kilos, over the last nine weeks, and I’m now waiting until after the big day to do a final check-in. I’m really happy with how my dress looks and right now I just want to be happy with that and not be two focused on the number. My aim was to loose eight kilos in the ten weeks so I will report next week and rest assured that I’ll be continuing to work hard to lose whatever is left over, even after the wedding.

Well that’s it for now, I’m off to do about a million wedding things but I just thought I’d say to anyone reading this who is keen to get back to track, be it to loose baby weight, get fitter, or even to be the best most healthy version of yourself, I really recommend getting involved with a group or a trainer. It really helps to motivate you, and the benefits of having a professional guiding your training can’t be underestimated. To help me get ready for the wedding I’ve done both and I’m really glad. I feel great and exercise is now a firmly established part of my life… which is great for me, and sets a great example for my little one as he gets bigger.

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