Saturday, March 14, 2009

#9. Turn it off

The TV I mean......and the car.......and the lift.................the golf buggy.............the escalators...........the list could go on. We spend more time in front of televisions and computers using motor cars and machinery to make our lives easier than we ever have done before. Adding a few unnecessary kilos to our frames at the same time.

Do yourself a favor and do it for your children. They have enough examples of sedentary convenience in their lives without you enforcing it also. Turn off the TV and play a game with your kids. Teach them to take the stairs instead of the lift, walk to the shops rather than taking the car and you might just feel better for it yourself.

Simple as that!

Good luck to Bec for your wedding day tomorrow - I am so looking forward to seeing pictures and posting one up here for everyone to see how amazing you look. Well done for all your hard work and commitment, it really goes to show that when you put your mind to something you can achieve your goals. That little extra planning with a baby is worth its weight in gold when you come out the other end feeling and looking like a more healthy, happy and wonderful you.

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