Monday, December 1, 2008

Organic sugar is still sugar

11 days to go - I've enlisted the help of a friend and trainer, to help push me that extra little bit over the next couple of weeks before I head off to Perth - I believe everyone will get more out of their training if they use a trainer whether in a one on one or group situation. Someone to push you that little bit harder and pick up on any technique or postural mistakes; I like to think I have the latter down pat but I ALWAYS work harder when there is someone telling me what to do - no dropping the last rep or two, no slacking off. I had my first session this morning and I am sure I will be sore tomorrow!

I wanted to touch upon a confusion or maybe assumption many people make with organic food. There has been a huge increase of sales of organic foods and produce over the last five years. People are paying more for their groceries in the belief that organic foods are better for your health. Now I am not going to get into the debate as to whether this is true, I have my own theories about organic food, how it is produced and where it comes from and it is your prerogative to do your research and decide what the best food is for your family. I am however going to touch upon the confusion that many people have in assuming that just because something is from an organic supermarket or has the words organic on the packaging that it MUST be good for you.

Any possible benefits of consuming organic products are often overridden by the consumers misunderstanding of basic nutritional concepts. Sugar, no matter whether it displays an organic label or your stock standard home brand label is still sugar and refined sugar is bad for your health. It contains no nutritional value and causes a spike in insulin levels and insulin overload can be blamed for conditions such as high blood pressure, being overweight, diabetes and high blood pressure.

Those organic chocolates and organic cakes - not good for your health, they are still loaded with sugar and if eaten in excess will cause you to gain weight. So next time you're in the organic supermarket or health food store reach for the organic fruit instead of the tempting treats that catch your eye - the fruit IS better for your health, and why not add some almonds or a hard boiled egg to your snack and not only enjoy the sweet taste of fresh organic fruit but enjoy the benefits of combining your carbohydrate with a protein source therefore lowering your insulin levels and causing you to feel fuller for longer.

However keep in mind that even supposedly healthy food can cause weight gain if eaten in excess, more energy in than energy out will always result in an excess and that excess is going to result in fat!

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