Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Come and join the fun

I am back and feeling better, an early night and a new day can make all the difference. I must confess I visited the Chocolate shop in Bondi Junction yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed a few of their delectable treats - I didn't feel guilty, well maybe just a little but it felt good for a few moments anyway. Was it worth it? maybe not but hey its my crutch.

We had a great Body Beyond Baby group training session in the park this morning, a little bit of drizzle didn't deter us. We moved spots to somewhere with a little undercover place for the littlies and worked up a sweat to start the day. We have had a few new people join us over the last couple of weeks and its fantastic to see so many mum's take some time out and do something good for themselves. Only today was one of my mum's saying that she has felt so much better over the last few weeks since committing to her two sessions a week. A lot more calm and patient, as well as feeling great about herself. Another was asking if we can do a third session - this will come, all in good time. So if you need that extra bit of motivation without the stress of finding a babysitter, come and join our group. Contact me on 0402 728047 or, fire any questions at me you like and come and join us on our quest to be fit, healthy, happy mums and introduce your baby to the benefits of exercise from an early age. If they see mum doing it it becomes part of their lives and they will grow up to see exercise as a normal part of everyday life - definitely an outlook I'd like for my son.

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Laura said...

there are some moments when chocolate is essential...and i'm jealous because i want some and can't! :o)