Monday, September 15, 2008

Getting started

This week is used for goal setting, planning and preparation. Its important that I know where I am starting from and decide where I want to get to. So, I have booked myself a Body Composition Scan with Dr Jarrod Meerkin at Body Composition Australia, this is an awesome way of measuring how my body is made up. I will find out my fat percentage and its distribution, my lean muscle mass and my bone density. All very important details when embarking on a mission to change your body shape.

Most people want to lose weight right? Wrong..... what we really want to lose is fat. 'Weight' can be lost in various forms, I am going to develop the right program and eating plan so that I lose 'fat' weight and not useful fat burning muscle mass. I want to speed up my metabolism and turn into a fat burning machine - bring it on!!!

For example, if I was to eat less and walk and walk and walk I might start to lose some weight, but, without also embarking on a resistance training program my body would also burn up muscle mass for energy, slowing down my metabolism......not part of the plan.

By discovering my body composition I can also re-measure at regular intervals to ensure I am gaining the results I am aiming for and tweak my program and eating plan where needed to ensure I stay on track.

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