Sunday, September 21, 2008

Chocolate and doughnuts

I have been thinking today about the things I am sharing with you, about how in depth I will be. About ensuring I don’t put on a persona that makes it appear that I am cruising through the next twelve weeks with my target in sight. It may look like that from time to time but I can tell you now and I will tell you then that it will not always be so. I am a very focused person when I put my mind to something – I put myself on a track and although at first it is often hard to stay on board the longer I persist the easier it becomes. I know I will be deterred at times and I know I will be in situations that will make it difficult for me to stick to my planned eating or training habits but I will always have a choice – ‘the fish and chips or the grilled fish and salad?’, ‘to go for my planned morning run or not?’

Yes my life now has a new priority and he will always come first, if my son needs me I will be there and if that means I miss my gym session then so be it. Having said that I can prioritise other parts of my life where possible, and for me, getting back into shape and feeling fit, healthy and strong is a priority. Summer is looming and I want to look great and to feel good about myself – I want to feel attractive to my husband, I want to turn the odd head in the street and know my hard work has paid off.

When attempting to change my eating habits I am challenged by just that – my eating habits, I was in pretty good shape and had a good diet prior to and throughout my pregnancy, however since I was getting bigger and my tastes were changing week to week I became slightly more lax about the little extras, allowing myself the tim tam (or 7), the whole block of chocolate, the doughnut or two (not quite sure what that was about!) I have a sweet tooth and I know it – I now have to re-create my habits, and after a while I won’t miss these things so much. I will enjoy cheat meals maybe once or twice a week – though cheat meals I must stress not whole cheat days!!!

I went back to the gym 6 weeks after my son was born and started by taking things easy, ensuring I didn’t go too hard too fast, listening to my body and acting accordingly, making sure I was doing the basics (pelvic floor/core exercises). I’m feeling stronger now and ready for this challenge. Always listen to your body, especially after it has been through such an amazing and physically challenging time, move at your own pace and cover your bases – risking injury is not worth it in the long run. Seek help where you need it and mostly enjoy your process. I hope you enjoy mine too.

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