Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tough Mums do the Spartan Sprint

Written by Body Beyond Baby - Tough Mum Team member and latest addition to our PT team here at BBB, Sally gives an overview of our day at the Spartan Sprint.

After months of anticipation, hardcore training sessions, rope burns and countless burpees, Spartan Sprint finally arrived in Sydney!  And the Body Beyond Baby Tough Mums were ready!
…As were our previously rope burned shins which we prepped with layers of gauze, bandages and electrical tape!  

At the starting line, we all agreed to really push as hard as we could for this race, and see what we were capable of.  Because of course… We Are Spartans!

There were some big teams around, but our bright orange Tough Mum tops really stood out, and we had many people approach to say hi, give their encouragement and support. 

But of course we did not look bright and pretty for long.  While this race may have been shorter in distance than others, this was one of the biggest challenges any of the Tough Mums have faced.  There were no gentle obstacles to ease us in… we were thrown into the deep end literally, with some big swims and running hard core hills.  But what fun we had!

There were mountains of mud to climb and slide over, 10 foot walls, barbed wire, spear throws, wall traverses, tunnels, hurdles, monkey bars, and a cargo net rigged up at a scary height with gaps big enough for us to fall through!

There was also lots of swimming.  Not quite as refreshing as you would think, with murky muddy (and sometimes smelly) water, and Race Supervisors reminding us not to swallow any.  We didn’t actually see any cows self-consciously squatting for a poop by the river bank, but I wouldn’t have been too surprised.  We did some marvellous demonstrations of breaststroke and sidestroke, and even an occasional paddle on a rubber tyre.   But don’t be fooled by our occasional leisurely paddling.  The feats of BBB Tough Mums were amazing…

Special mention to Celine for smashing every obstacle and going so hard that she vomited twice along the course without barely slowing her stride (although she vomited for a photo… what a poser!)
And Lauren (one of our team paramedics) who we lost for a moment, but she reappeared telling us she had stopped on the hill to relocate a man’s injured knee.

Danette who quickly marched up the hill carrying her sandbag on her shoulders, overtaking puffing competitors… whilst still able to maintain a steady flow of conversation.  Yes, Tough Mums can indeed multi task! 

And not to forget our team captain and trainer, Jen, who completed the course without a single burpee and came in in 21st place.

We could mention everyone - all the Tough Mum team gave an amazing performance throughout the race, without too many burpees having to be performed! And without doubt, the Spartan Sprint finished as hard as it had started.

There was a final kilometre of running and sliding through a muddy creek lined with thorny bushes, which you couldn’t help but grab each time you slipped.  Then a seemingly endless length of barbed wire to roll under until you came out and had to dizzily leap over a fire pit.  Finally a group of muscular Spartans to fight through before crossing the finish line. ….perhaps our ladies didn’t try too hard to run away from those fine specimens…

All in all, an awesome day and amazing effort from all our BBB Tough Mum Team.  We were indeed the Dirty Dozen by the end of the race, but the muddy faces just made our big smiles more dazzling!
So Tough Mums, lets wear our cuts and bruises with pride… and get ready for the next Spartan! Aroo!

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