Saturday, April 7, 2012

Introducing BASE by Bat-Ami

 Mum of one and Body Beyond Baby mum has recently released her brand new label BASE by Bat-Ami, and we are proud to announce her as one of our main prize sponsors.

BASE by Bat-Ami is a statement jewellery label, born in 2012, a younger sister label to Bat-Ami Design. It was created to allow more people to experience wearing original hand-made designer jewellery without the hefty price tag.

BASE by Bat-Ami is shaped by an attitude of confidence and a delicate balance of detail, colour and materials.

With a well-considered palette of contemporary hues, the direction of BASE by Bat-Ami is modern and versatile, yet not particularly trend-driven.

The collections are small, playful and whimsical, with a hallmark of originality and flare.

The designs are handmade and incorporate materials sourced from around the globe such as natural and hand-made beads and bronzed metal coming together to create synergy but also provide an eclectic feel.

To celebrate her partnership with Body Beyond Baby, Bat-Ami is offering 30% off ALL product including children's jewellery (From now until the end of May 2012) 

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